New Booklet – ‘Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations’

‘Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations’ front cover

Over the last fortnight, between work and other commitments, I’ve been working on a short collection of reflective writings addressing various topics pertaining to “Whiteness”. I’ve compiled these writings into a 48 page booklet entitled ‘Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations’.

Whiteness, which is invoked throughout the booklet in an emancipatory context against the Jewish slave classification of Whites being synonymous with “defect” and “oppressor”, is properly defined and reinforced with affirmations that speak to the virtue of a liberated Aryan identity.

The booklet concisely addresses the subjects of self-reflection, spirituality, communication, life, death, groups and an essay on interpretative righteousness and an astrological account of April 19th.

It also features 8 illustrated Tarot cards denoting the psychic significance of figures like Adolf Hitler, Savitri Devi, George Lincoln Rockwell, James Mason, Charles Manson, Ernst Zundel, Fred A. Leuchter and a self-reflective interpretation of ‘The Fool’.

A political publication designed for the online attention span, ‘Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations’ seeks to inject a sense of insight for those seeking to strengthen their oppositional defiance “disorder” towards Talmudic tyranny.

‘Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations’ is freely available in PDF ebook form via

To download a free PDF ebooklet of Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations or Trading HEMP for Hitler visit