Bedfordshire Conservative MP blames locals for Migrant Hotel Debacle


From Patriotic Alternative.

Eastern Region Correspondent

One of the fundamental jobs of any government is to secure its country’s borders and protect citizens from invasion. The current government has failed in this important responsibility and continues to allow an unstemmed flood of migrants, overwhelmingly men of fighting age from Africa, the Middle East and Albania, to be escorted into ports along the Kent coast. From here the economic migrants are dispersed across the country, to former barracks, student accommodation and hotels.

When local residents heard that the four-star Old Palace Lodge Hotel in Dunstable was closing and staff posted on social media that they had been sacked with 48hrs notice, there was understandable fury and worry. Dozens of distraught couples who had booked their weddings receptions at the venue later in 2023 were left in tears and confusion as their plans were cancelled.

Within hours of the postings on social media the owners of the Bedfordshire venue, whose history goes back to the 12th century, announced that they were closing having been awarded a central government contract.

Failed to attend

The Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire, Andrew Selous failed to attend a public meeting organised by Dunstable Town Council held last week, to answer questions about why he hadn’t enlisted the help and support of both Central Bedfordshire and Dunstable Town Councils to fight this right from the start when he was first told.

The MP has displayed contempt for residents’ concerns by hurling the accusation that locals have failed to patronise the hotel and it is up to locals to “use it or lose it”.

“I hope that business will be brisk and that the people and businesses of the area will support this wonderful old hotel.” He said, continuing that “No one has a right to a lovely hotel in their town….”

Perhaps no one has a right to such a business, but everyone has the right to walk the streets safely and send their children to school unharmed.  Local residents also have a right to know who is living in their neighbourhoods. Importing coach loads of undocumented young men with no one in authority knowing anything about their medical history or conducting criminal background checks leaves locals understandably concerned.

House them elsewhere

Ignoring the root cause, which is the government failing to stop the invasion, the MP says it’s fine to house migrants elsewhere, just not on his patch:

“I very strongly support the Government in its determination to place asylum seekers in surplus student and holiday camp accommodation, and not in hotels.”

Andrew Selous may have a 18,500 majority but this should not be taken for granted. There is widespread anger across the country at the Conservative government which is allowing this invasion of migrant males; anger which could well be exercised via the ballot box at the next general election in December 2024. Every sitting MP would do well to listen to the voices of their constituents on this subject or face the electoral consequences.

From Patriotic Alternative.