ANZ or GAYNZ? Video exposes homo themed bank in Sydney


This one’s an oldie but a goodie. A friend of mine who used to work at ANZ bank brought this to my attention. He used to joke about ANZ’s communist propaganda by calling it ‘GayNZ’ kind of like how the AFL now is ‘GAYFL’ to many, and it was to our surprise to learn that the bank already had called itself ‘GAYNZ’ years earlier and that they had a gay themed branch in Sydney. We had a good laugh.

The bank is located in the gay part of Sydney, along Oxford St which they use for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which is about to happen this year. Prime Minister Albanese is going to be marching in it, using it as a platform to promote his ridiculous Aboriginal Voice to Parliament and for gay promotion too of course. Using the Mardi Gras as a propaganda event for all leftist agendas is a common thing nowadays. So basically the event is morphing from originally a gay rights protest into an all communist causes celebration or something. I bet you in this year’s or in a future one, there will be climate change themes being heavily promoted if they haven’t done so already.

Bank before (normal).
Bank after (gay).

As you can see in this GAYTM’s screen below, the major bank is sponsoring the Mardi Gras. So it’s clear that the gay rights movement is not a naturally occurring grass roots movement for gay rights but instead a movement being pushed onto us by the bankers, you know those greedy rich and evil capitalists, the corporations the leftist hate so much? Gee I wonder why they’d want us all being gay now?

L. Ron Hubbard in the 1980s said that the Rockefellers were using their banks to promote homosexuality to reduce the population, “psychiatric birth control” he called it. Probably sounded ridiculous back then to the unawake, but not now. The banks have gay departments, literally. These departments make sure their employees are thoroughly tolerant of trannies, they give out flyers in the lobbies of office buildings promoting homosexuality, and they make the staff do workplace tolerance training programs. These programs are Australia wide for all ANZ staff. At ANZ’s headquarters in Melbourne their large street number which is on the side of the building ‘833’ is written in rainbow colours too, a recent change from boring black. I’m waiting for everything in Melbourne to be painted in rainbow colours.

Tolerance is fine, I’m for it, but not selective tolerance which is what the banks are pushing here. Gays have all the rights while White males are discriminated against like there’s no tomorrow, (oh and conspiracy theorists in general too.) Heck we can’t have social medias. The communist globalists are pushing tolerance for gays while discriminating against others at the exact same time. This is hypocritical.

Tolerance means being nice and allowing to everything that’s different to your own beliefs. This is what the right tends to do, while the left (who so publicly claim to be tolerant) usually run around attacking things, censoring and bullying in the name of “tolerance”. Real tolerance means being tolerant of Christians who might not want to make wedding cakes for gays. You have to tolerate their beliefs. That’s true tolerance, not bringing lawsuits against wedding cake makers.

Don’t believe the fake.

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