Harvesting our DNA


An article on organ harvesting and murder in China poses a question regarding the security of our individual DNA information.

How many people have your medical information? Do you really think the governments HIPPA regulations protect your privacy? How many ads pop up on your phone or Facebook page that indicate they know you are overweight or have high blood pressure, or wear glasses, or have thinning hair and bunions? And think of the DNA testing for ancestry sites.

I have never partaken in any of the above examples, but over an 18 month period starting in March 2020 I submitted against my better judgement to what was called a PCR test.

This was so I could get on various flights. I put up with this for a while but then worked out how to get around it. Suffice to say, I am quite sure that my DNA information has been logged. The Covid fraud was not just about testing population control regulations and pushing a poison serum on as many people who would line up to take it. It was also about getting our DNA. And they got it.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the primary motivations for that time when the world seemed to go mad. Keep in mind that Africa was largely left alone; the rate of testing and vaccinations in Africa was barely 10% of what went down in most of the rest of the world. Why?

Maybe because there’s not much call for organs from that ethnic group.

And now they’ve got our DNA. As far as what they intend to do with it, I think the article that I linked to gives a good hypothesis for what lies in store for us if the doctor evils of this world have their way.

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