Jew scared of White Men pointing hand at sky: Cries to government


The government’s trampling over our right to bodily autonomy during the fake pandemic opened up some nasty rabbit holes. Pre-lockdown, Madrid had already banned so-called “manspreading”. In December a woman praying silently outside an abortion clinic in Birmingham, England was arrested and charged with “intimidation”.

Now all sorts of silly laws restricting how we hold various parts of our body are being proposed.

From the Age:

The state government will consider a ban on the Nazi salute amid a push to outlaw the gesture in Victoria.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes will meet representatives of the Jewish community to discuss stepping up prohibitions already in place on Nazi symbols and flags.

It’s retarded. How on earth would you define and enforce such a thing? The black power salute and the Roman salute are very similar. One involves a closed fist, the other an open palm.

Paper beats rock.

At what point does a black power salute become a Roman salute? What if you’re sticking one finger out? Two fingers, three or four?

What if you’re sticking an open palm out to the side, straight up or to the ground? Will they specify the angle, how will they measure it and how will they prove it?

One clause would allow an exception in the case of artistic parody. Yet several men who parodied the chants of Marxist terrorist group Antifa at a St Kilda rally in 2019 by doing Basil Faulty impersonations were defamed as genocidal evil scallywags by the Lying Press.

Back to the Age article:

The development follows a series of recent incidents where white supremacists performed the gesture in public spaces, including at a ceremony on Thursday for Indigenous Australians.

The group is being supported by Melbourne Holocaust Museum chief executive Jayne Josem and Anti-Defamation Commission chair Dr Dvir Abramovich.

XYZ readers may remember “Dr” Dvir Abromovich from a video exposing his allegiance to the devil.

He also featured on Sesame Street back in the 80’s.

Dvir, who is 873 years old, has reinvented himself as a “civil rights campaigner” which basically means he is somebody who bothers the government about things he doesn’t like. Everybody is sick of him:

In a statement, the group said the Nazi salute celebrates “Hitler’s monstrous legacy and the indescribable crimes committed by his regime” and had no place in Victorian society.

The group is urging the Victorian government to “close the lid on this sickening phenomenon” by criminalising the gesture.

“My blood starts to boil when I see the Nazi salute, and it brings back the memory of 6 million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis,” Goldberg, an Order of Australia Medal recipient, said. “It should be banned. No question.”

The holocaust never happened.

Leder added: “These are thugs who are trying to intimidate and put fear into people. If they’re allowed to keep on doing this, it justifies it in the eyes of the public. There has to be a law to stop it.”

The salute is already restricted in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Sweden.

Publicly display of the Swastika is now banned in Victoria and carries a penalty of up to $22,000, or 12 months of imprisonment.

Contrary to Lying Press propaganda, the Swastika does not represent “hatred and violence”. It is an ancient symbol of the Aryan people. It is thousands of years old and has been uncovered by archeologists all over the world.

Since World War 2, globohomo has attempted to associate it with evil, fabricating the holocaust to demonise those who came the closest to destroying communism.

What this comes down to is intent, and political worldview. The Regime is perfectly happy to allow Marxist terrorists to brandish the black power salute. The Lying Press lionises said Marxist terrorists and Hollywood immortalises them.

Basically, they wouldn’t be trying to ban these symbols if they were not powerful symbols of White identity. They are desperate to prevent White people organising to resist multiculturalism, the great replacement and cultural disintegration.

They practically admit their goal is to censor:

From the ABC:

Importantly, the use of the gesture functions as a recruitment device in the same way the swastika is used.

They’re scared.

They’re scared of White men organising, of resisting our replacement, and openly declaring our intention to survive and thrive.

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