George Pell was always innocent


Editor: Originally published April 9, 2020. Rest in Peace George Pell.

In the run up to Cardinal George Pell’s High Court appeal against his conviction and jailing for child abuse which had supposedly occurred over 30 years’ previously, there was a cacophony of objection from the two principle media outlets that conspired with the Victorian Police on his conviction; the Nine Network and the ABC. As their opinion writers and talking heads put it, such an appeal was an utter waste of time, not because Pell was guilty but because of the anguish that it would put his unknown accuser through.

As always, the ideological left are all about transparent feelings. Believe all victims. Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, a sociopathic ideological crusader for the Left, was a key player in the years long persecution of Pell. On Pell’s conviction he said;

“The notion that if you don’t like a verdict, you can just say they got it wrong, that’s not how ours system works,” the Premier said.

“What’s happened here … is that a victim has been believed. And that’s thrown a whole lot of people into absolute disarray,” he told ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine.

Well it turns out that our system thankfully does work like that. Obviously for budding Stalinistas like Andrews it would be much more convenient for their vile agendas if once convicted by an unjust system the victim can rot forgotten in a jail cell. But in Australia at a Federal level we still have the rule of law, the Westminster System, and that runs on facts, logic and precedent as opposed to feelings.

Yesterday Pell was exonerated by the Australian High Court in a 7-0 decision. It was an utter repudiation of the Victorian government orchestrated persecution of George Pell. And what was the reaction of Premier Dan Andrews to this humiliation?

Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

A year ago I wrote an article about George Pell’s unjust conviction. I referred to the decision as an assault on Christianity. At the time, Cardinal Pell was the highest ranked Catholic in the Vatican in Australia’s history. As I wrote back then;

“This conviction was never in doubt, not because of Pell’s supposed guilt, but because it was preordained. The assault on Christianity in Australia could not ignore the country’s most prominent cleric that has ever lived. He is their top scalp, and even though the credibility of the two witnesses borders on farcical, nothing could stand in the way of this result.”

The Victorian police acting on behalf of their government minders had their man, all they had to do was to find a crime. Now that their abject unprofessional behaviour has been laid bare, there are calls for an investigation into a police force that is already in the process of being investigated for corruption.

Details about the police probe, Operation Tethering, were revealed in court for the first time on Wednesday as one of the detectives who flew to Rome to question the Cardinal gave evidence.

Detective Superintendent Paul Sheridan told the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court that the investigation into Cardinal Pell began in March 2013 to ascertain whether he had committed crimes which had gone unreported.

As I said a year ago, detectives had their man; all they had to then do was to find the crime. Now it’s officially accurate from their own mouths. This is how totalitarian regimes operate. Our system of law is based upon prosecuting a crime when it is committed, not going after an individual in order to find out if a crime might exist. With the number of laws and statutes on the books, we would all be guilty of something if they chose to look. Also worth noting is the fact that at the time of the original trial the Victorian courts placed a gag order on Australian media to not report on the case under threat of prosecution, a direction without prior precedent that to the media’s collective but sadly non-existent shame they all obeyed to the letter.

So many people were willing to believe the charges against Pell because of the institution which he represents, not the man himself. He was guilty by association and personal success. He had to be brought down so the continual attack against the Catholic Church could be stepped up a gear. Now that their prosecution is in tatters, Pell’s accusers and enemies will not admit to any wrongdoing. They will seek convenient scapegoats to hang the blame and then proceed unabated to the next target, if indeed they decide to back off and leave Pell alone.

This trial and its aftermath are an abject lesson that the stability of our system rests on facts, logic and evidence, and not on the nebulous and ever changing nightmare world of feelings. It is easy for a miserable piece of shit like Andrews to publicly proclaim his humanitarian purity with his erstwhile Tweet endorsing his belief of all victims everywhere. Come forward all you victims, all of those with a grudge to bare, and point the finger at those whom which we can eagerly pursue in the cause of righteous feelings that advance our ideological cause while crushing our enemies. After all, just who would ever stoop to defend someone convicted by a jury of their peers of the most awful crime of child abuse?

Well, there were a few of us who did. At moments like this it sure does feel good to stick your neck out on the line.

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