Barbarians Burn Berlin: Germans ordered to wear masks


XYZ News reported today, courtesy of the Richardson Post, on the brutal violence committed by African and Arab invaders in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. Not content with raping thousands of German women across multiple cities over Christmas in 2015, and launching a truck of peace attack in 2016, this year they basically tried to burn the whole thing down.

Amid the organised chaos, one video stood out to me. Listen to the audio recording played inside the bus as it drives past a burnt out bus underneath a burnt out underpass of a deliberately ugly high density housing block designed to demoralise and deracinate the German people:

“Remember that wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory.”

Remind you of anything?

African Gangs Terrorise Tarneit: White kids shamed for asking “Why is your rice yellow?”

Foreign invaders literally just burnt your city down last night, but if you don’t mask up to avoid the sniffles the Stasi will watercannon you.

Imagine using those things to actually put out fires. Makes it a little hard to feel sorry for German cops, let alone any cops post Covid.

Hilariously, governments worldwide are trying another Covid scare campaign. Multiple countries have mandated testing for passengers from China, accompanied by the obligatory “Aussies are racist” narratives from the Lying Press:

Paki dwarf Rishi Sunak is considering Covid restrictions for the Poms again. Meanwhile in Australia, the AnAl government is turning the scary language up to 11:

XYZ News has obtained exclusive footage of the moment the new “Kraken” variant was unleashed upon Australia:

Dave Cullen of Computing Forever predicts that more quasi lockdowns are coming, to be implemented under a variety of engineered pretexts – Covid, “climate change”, energy shortages. The theory goes that given normies tolerated harsh lockdowns for two years, they will tolerate “softer” and intermittent lockdowns for much longer.

Ultimately the globalists want permanent lockdowns to change the weather. They want to squeeze us all into so-called 15 minute cities. Naturally, Melbourne is on the list.

In theory it isn’t that bad an idea, as the sprawl of Australian cities is out of control due to mass immigration. But that’s the thing – they’re providing us with a solution to a problem of their own making. It’s problem-reaction-solution 101.

In Saudi Arabia they’re trying to make the concept look like a spaceship.

In Paris they’re trying to make it look like a gamma’s wet dream where they get to have sex with lots of middle aged bike riding sandal wearing French lesbians.

Note that they practically admit they used Covid as a pretext to redesign cities.

In reality we know our cities will be divided into equally squalid districts. Every year, each district will provide a champion to fight to the death against the champions of other districts for TV ratings and a few extra scraps. The Hunger Games was just more old revelation of the method.

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