Ye Blows Up The Internet With Greatest Interview Ever


Kanye West (Ye) has blown up the internet after doing an interview with Alex Jones.

Like others before him who have interviewed Ye, Alex Jones attempted to pour cold water on Ye’s exposure of Jewish power. However unlike other interviewers he allowed Ye to speak for longer periods of time, meaning he was able to get the point across.

The highpoint was when Ye pointed out that Hitler never killed six million jews.

Importantly, he doubled down on this when pressed by Alex Jones,

Ye is absolutely, 100% correct when he questions the official narrative of the “holocaust”, and his claim has been verified by multiple researchers. For a comprehensive breakdown of the issue, Europa: The Last Battle is highly recommended.

The holocaust myth is used as a weapon against White people. The perverse logic follows that if White people want to control immigration in order to maintain or restore homogenous White nations on the lands conquered by our ancestors, that automatically means we want to kill all the jews, so we must have mass immigration and “diversity”.

The moment White people work together to achieve positive outcomes for their own people, the authorities scream “holocaust”, “anti-semitism”, “six million” etc.

This mass formation psychosis is achieved through jewish control of the media, which Ye also exposed when he showed a graph demonstrating that jews dominate nearly all positions of influence in the media.

The point Ye makes is that jews work together to further their own ethnic interests. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but the problem for host countries where jews dwell is that they tend to undermine the cultural hegemony of the dominant majority and to turn different ethnic groups against each other.

They do so under the logic that they feel safer in ethnically mixed countries as they feel that they do not stand out as outsiders, thus avoiding becoming targets. The problem is, they do this so well that their actions inevitably stir up anger against them anyway.

We are seeing this play out with Ye’s activism. He makes the case that jewish powerbrokers control prominent blacks in order to control black culture and Western culture in general. This has resulted in gangster rap which glorifies black-on-black violence, and in the killing of millions of black babies via abortion. Ye wants to reorient black culture to focus on God and the family and to stop complaining about White people all the time.

Getting back to the interview, Ye wore a black mask, making him look like a superhero.

The most hilarious moment was when Ye pulled out two props, a net and a yahoo bar, in order to mock Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Aside from exposing the fact that Israel controls the foreign and domestic policies of Western countries through a combination of blackmail and outright thuggery, it gave us the priceless moment when suddenly Alex Jones was the one looking sideways wondering who the crazy person was.

The genius of Ye is that this forces the issue of who really rules the world into the mainstream because the Lying Press is forced to talk about this. Regardless of what you think of Ye and those around him, this is a good thing which we can use to our advantage.

You can watch the entire interview below.

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