AnAl Attacks Australia Day

“Please believe me, I’m not a homosexual.”

Prime Minister AnAl has taken a few moments off from pretending to have a girlfriend in order to chisel away at the foundation of the Australian nation:

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says he won’t be moving Australia Day from January 26 after the government granted local councils the freedom to hold citizenship ceremonies on the three days either side.


Immigration Minister Andrew Giles on Friday said the “pragmatic” change meant citizenship ceremonies could take place from January 23 to 29, reversing a Morrison government policy that required councils to hold one on January 26 as part of their Australia Day celebrations.

The far left extremists probably won’t appreciate the irony.


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The change comes days after Merri-bek City Council in inner-north Melbourne voted to follow the lead of the Yarra and Darebin councils by moving its Australia Day citizenship ceremonies away from January 26, which many Indigenous people consider a day of mourning.

I am sure those two red flags would have stood out to you even without the bold text. Let’s examine both:

“Follow the lead”.

This is how Marxists overturn centuries or even thousands of years of tradition by bureaucracy, incrementalism and stealth. The cat ladies at a local council harbour delusions of grandeur above their station of garbage collection and road maintenance, and decide they can change for no reason something which normal Australians consider to be of value.

The wine aunts and faggots at the neighbouring inner city council soon announce they are “following the lead” of the first council. Rinse and repeat, and within a matter of years practically every inner city council in Australia has changed a fundamental aspect of Australian culture. Enforced demographic change and subversion in outer suburbs and the regions means the cancer spreads throughout the country.

In this case it has only taken a few of Melbourne’s most Trotskyist boroughs announcing their treason for a federal Labor government to step in and give them the official seal of approval.

This is why local politics matters. It is also why cat ladies must be ruthlessly mocked, doxxed, demonetised, debanked and dehomed. Even once they are destitute and homeless, laws must be passed issuing public floggings to anyone who gives an unmarried political lesbian 50-something food. If these freaks are given even the remotest semblance of power, everything you love and cherish will be swept away.


“January 26, which many Indigenous people consider a day of mourning.”

We’re not allowed to have anything, anything at all. If we continue to cede ground in the never ending Culture War, not only will January 26 become an official day of mourning, any celebration of the coming of the White man to Australia will be outlawed, and eventually a national holiday will be declared for the day the last White Man in Australia dies.

We must hold the line as far as possible from the current year clownworld. When we win, every January 26 we should empty the prisons, paint the prisoners’ faces black and deposit them at select coves around the country. The fittest and strongest year 11 & 12 Australian boys will be given guns and blank ammunition. A rigorous and brutal set of trials will be established to ensure only the most worthy of our young men are awarded the honour of participating in the following ritual.

In every cove into which the blackfaced prisoners have been dropped, the young White men get to row to shore in longboats and carry out a mock “massacre” of the blackfaced prisoners. We should celebrate this national ritual every January 26 in order to instil an ethic of brutal conquest in our people, so the thought of apologising for even existing never occurs to future generations.

Finally, let me draw attention to a photograph included in the Lying Press article from which I am cutting and pasting without attribution.

The Lying Press is desperate to present their attacks on Australia Day and propaganda shilling for the so-called “voice to parliament” as views which experience broadbased support among Australians. It’s nonsense. The same set of cat ladies, degenerates, university aboriginals, Antifa terrorists and drug addicts rock up to every astroturfed protest with slightly different branding. There are really only a few thousand of these people sprinkled around Australia but they have institutional backing and they control the means of mainstream communication.

We can be sure of this by comparing the anti-Australia Day photo above to the photo of a freedom protest below.

Note that the Marxist crowd peters out a few doors down from The Imperial. Even with more elevation, the photo of the freedom protest shows a crowd stretching down Bourke Street as far as the eye can see. Melbourne has never seen anything like it.

We outnumber the Regime and its minions a thousand to one. Think about that.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.