The Racer Decides 9: The Absolute Most Progressive State (2022 Victoria State Election)


The boys from The Racer and XYZ are joined by a large panel including Thomas Sewell, Jimeoin Roberts and Soap Merchant to bring you live coverage of the Victorian election. We cover:

  • Liberal blowout
  • Dan’s many outrages, but never taking advantage of them
  • Every side scrambling to woo the Jew
  • Silence of COVID restrictions and ethnic crime
  • Red mists and Green waves
  • Soaring power bills
  • Nationals outperforming the Libs
  • Jews showing their hand in Caulfield
  • Lawfare against the Teals
  • Independent surge against the Chairman

…and more.

XYZ Live streams every Wednesday evening at 9 pm AEDT. Find us at Odysee.