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A 94 year old Swedish woman was recently acquitted in a Swedish court of two charges of inciting racial hatred.

Vera was on trial for two comments she wrote on the website in 2018, including a comment condemning parents who take their children to so-called “pride parades”.

No doubt you have immediately seen the discrepancy; what does criticising the homo agenda have to do with inciting racial hatred? The answer is that the obtuse nature of the term ‘racial hatred’ renders it the perfect woke vehicle for incorporating all of its present and future transgressions under the one handy umbrella.

The fact that wrongthink is being actively prosecuted, if not in this case successfully, is proof of the importance to the ruling class of eliminating dissent before it can do any damage to their institution. No dissent can be tolerated because dissent breeds dissent, as courageous acts inspire courage in others. Make no mistake, the fact that a 94 year old woman was actively prosecuted was meant as a warning to others not to step out of line. If they can come for a victim such as this then they will come for anyone. And the process is the punishment.

What is obvious is that institutions are both valuable and vulnerable. They must be protected or they will be at great risk of being hollowed out, compromised and destroyed. The Marxist Globalist Left knows the importance of this all too well as they themselves used such tactics to effectively neuter and destroy the major institutions of the West, particularly the Catholic Church. The introduction of the Novus Ordo after Vatican II was their great victory that ushered in a host of other defeats for Christendom. Without that victory there would have been no pill, no fault free divorce, no abortion on demand, no sexual lifestyle choices, and ultimately no Traditionis Custodes.

The great lesson that we must learn is that there is no such thing as free speech; the term itself is non nonsensical. Because words have power then there must also be responsibility for the words spoken. Our enemies know this well. Which was why they championed free speech so as to tear us down and claim victory, and it is why they are so determined to clamp down on any speech that dissents from the prevailing line.

The woman who avoided prosecution had these words to say:

I am concerned that our freedom of expression will become increasingly limited and that the struggle will suffer. I already see how some of our members are warning against unnecessary lawsuits and encouraging caution.

But should we really allow ourselves to be browbeaten in fear like this? If so, our opponents have already won. I understand the criticism, but even with the knowledge that you could be prosecuted, you simply must not allow your free speech to be obstructed.

She is right, but she is also wrong. Yes, we must rally behind the call of freedom of expression and the like now so that we will be able to claim final victory. But then all such freedoms of speech in the future must be consigned to the dustbin with regards to the protection of our institutions. We need to learn from our enemies and use their own weapons against them so that they and their like can never again reduce us to the sorry state in which we now find ourselves.

In the end we must be guided by God and by Catholic doctrine. We will decide what is allowed based on His laws and covenants. The alternative is not only what we suffer today, but what our enemies will come up with tomorrow. They have no limits to their evil because they are against God. There is no middle ground in this fight. 94 year old Vera Oredsson took a stand and chose a side, as must we all.

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