You DO Have to be White to be Irish


From Patriotic Alternative.

Cavalier Ted

At some basic level non-European immigrants know they do not belong in the Europe they and their ancestors chose to reside in. To overcome this inevitable sense of alienation immigrants generally respond in one of three ways:

  1. They form their own ethnic clusters like those in Saville Town and Croydon.
  2. They take on a meta identity like British which is also definitively White.
  3. Like the trans they demand they are perceived as something they’re not

PA’s own Chief Moody noted the delusion emanating from a Zimbabwean immigrant resident in Ireland, Joy-Tendai Kangere. She’s the stereotypical, loud, not particularly intelligent skintellectual who wants to convince others she’s as Irish as the descendants of Brian Boru and the cast of River Dance having a night on the Guinness. Her claims are patently ridiculous as a White man fronting in Southern Africa and demanding everyone thinks he’s a Zulu. It’s only Europeans who’ve been so heavily indoctrinated and relentlessly shamed into denying their own ancestry who would even consider such blatant drivel.

Joy-Tendai Kangere.

To be Irish or any other European nationality it’s essential to be White though this is not sufficient in itself. To be Irish the person in question must have specific Irish ancestry and engage with Irish languages, customs and the spiritualities. Kengere speaks English, and she may have converted to Catholicism though she never was not, is not, and never will be Irish. Nation most directly derives from the Latin word nationem, which describes a “birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe”. Being about ancestry there is no such thing as civic nationalism. It’s a falsehood. What they are describing is the liberal view that foreigners might adopt the habits and beliefs of a nation rather than being a member of the nation.

This demand by resident foreigners is not limited to pushy African women who’ve moved to Ireland. David Lammy, who shares the title of Parliament’s village idiot along with Dianne Abbott claims there should be a Black English option on the census. As noted Lammy can’t be English any more than Mark Collett can be Angolan or Laura Towler can be Tibetan. He’s not White and he certainly isn’t descended from the Angles, Saxons, Jutes or any other closely related people. He’s a Guyanese man with an African heritage resident in England.

From a nationalist perspective the most favourable behaviour is that migrants return to their own homelands and have full, happy and healthy lives. There’s no need for Kangere to pretend she’s an African in Zimbabwe as it’s readily apparent. The deceit she’s Irish is an insult to the Irish people and a delusion on her part.