Was Donald Trump raid part of The Plan?

Donald Trump, being raided by the FBI.

The infrastructure for pharmaceutical companies to fast track vaccine manufacturing in the United States was put in place by Executive order of the President Donald Trump in September 2019, with a full report from a task force of department heads to be given to the President by December of the same year.

It was written with flu viruses in mind but was quickly adapted for Coronaviruses as the CoVid 19 scam became news “coincidentally” just as that task force delivered its report.

Donald Trump correctly brags to this day that he was the one responsible for making sure the MRNA death shots got to market in record time.

Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy on six occasions, most notably 3 ventures in a row in 1992 following his first filing in April of 1991. Though never in any personal danger of being poor, in 1992 his entire Empire was in danger of collapse as his other companies’ debts were scrutinised and Jewish bankers kvetched about losing confidence. Eventually though he was bailed out.

In typical Jewish propaganda fashion a documentary was made about that bailout in 2016, just as he became the US President, where the reason given for doing so was that “they came to decide that Trump’s assets — the buildings, the casinos — were worth more with his name still attached to them than they would be in foreclosure.”

Well, he certainly seems to have been a good investment for organised Jewry and Zionism more broadly. His administration contained an unhealthy overrepresentation of Jews including his son in law.

It must not be forgotten that before he ran for President he was a darling of the Oprah Winfrey show, highly praised by the Clintons and loved by mainstream TV executives for his The Apprentice show.

After the election rigging of 2020 Trump whipped up his supporters to the point of entering Congress. He was still President right up to the moment when the security personnel opened the doors for them and let them in. Sadly for the agenda, those protesters failed to rampage and kill anyone, instead choosing to take photos and enjoy the full tourism experience. The silence of Trump about election fraud after this day and of the fate of those arrested and held without trial, has been deafening.

Now Jew news around the world is reporting on the FBI raid of his home. Colour me skeptical. There is open talk on the controlled opposition news of fears that if Donald Trump looks likely to become President again that the Democrats might assassinate him.

Predictive programming? Or just a way to make sure he remains the Republican candidate for 2024? Wouldn’t want an anti-vaxxer and anti-abortionist like Ron DeSantis gaining too much popularity would we?

The Jewish messiah has not yet come. He is a Christ who will give the Jews dominion over all the world. All other races will be their servants and slaves. They are promised worldly power, not eternal life in heaven. Eternal life will be achieved in this world through transhumanism.

In the mind of Jews, Jesus is the enemy. The book of Revelation speaks of an Antichrist who rules the world for 7 years in a time of tribulation, before Christ returns and sets up His kingdom forever.

The Jews are determined to prove this prophesy wrong. There is a reason why Agenda 2030 concludes 2000 years after Christ began His ministry. There is a reason Microsoft filed a patent with the number 060606 for a cryptocurrency system linked to signals received from your body as the first lockdowns were being implemented. There is a reason for getting rid of cash, for China’s social credit system being proposed for everyone else. None of this is by chance. The Jews want to mock the Christian prophesy.

Fulfil every aspect of the Beast system part of it so after 7 years of tribulation they can gloat and say “where is Jesus then? Looks like God meant for us to rule the world after all.”

So where does Trump fit in? Well a beast needs to have one of its heads fatally wounded and come back from the dead:

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.”

Revelation 13:3

Whether we are talking business wounds, election wounds or physical wounds is irrelevant here. In regards to the plans of Jews, Non Jewish Zionists or child sacrificing Satanists, as long as Christians are trolled as much as possible, any interpretation is a good interpretation.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in the existence of God, one thing you can be sure of: the closer we get to 2030 the more the world will look like the Antichrist part of the book of Revelation is being fulfilled. The Great Reset must occur by then. This means total global economic collapse must happen first, before a leader must emerge to unite humanity under a single government.

The last part of the plan will be to install a one world religion for the Goyim who will be subject to Noahide laws that Trump and 50 US Governors officially affirmed in April 2019. (One that promises beheading for blasphemies such as calling Jesus God, which “coincidentally” is what Revelation says will be the fate of Christians who refuse to take the mark of the Beast).

Will Trump be the world leader “foretold”? I don’t know. I don’t even know if the real Antichrist and end times is coming or just a giant Jewish trolling of it.

What I do know is that Trump has his part to play and being raided by the FBI is included in the role.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.