I get Suspicious when a Famous Jew converts to Catholicism


So apparently some actor with the ridiculous name of Shia LaBeouf has converted to Catholicism and thinks that the Traditional Latin Mass is the best thing ever. LaBeouf has appeared in an interview with the extremely lightweight Catholic Bishop Barron to pontificate about his own spirituality, because that’s what everyone does when they get with God, dontcha know. Oh, and he’s appearing in a film about the life of Padre Pio. No coincidence there as regards the timing of the interview.

Look, I don’t give a rat’s arse about the latest Hollyweird celebrity who apparently wants to get with our program. That’s not the cause of my cynicism meter going off the charts. What has got me very suspicious indeed is the fact that LaBeouf is a Jew. And when it comes to matters of religion and Catholicism, one must be very suspicious indeed when a Jew comes knocking to crow far and wide on his supposed conversion.

Now, the majority of brain dead faux Christians out there will be outraged by the very thought that I may harbor suspicions of a Jew’s motives, and their outrage will no doubt be fueled by the fact that they have swallowed the great Jewish lie pertaining to the whole “Judaeo-Christian” invention. If you are one of those deceived sort then please don’t bother to inform me of your outrage; I care not one whit. It would be better for you instead to go and attempt to uncover just how much you have been lied to, which I know you won’t do because you are intellectually lazy and probably dishonest to boot.

LaBeouf is on record as stating that he was raised by “both sides”; his mother being a Jew and his father a Christian. Thus he was baptised but he also had a Bar Mitzvah. Now, the Jews are self-declared enemies of Christ and Christianity. Any Jew with a token background in his tribe’s religion is taught to view Gentiles as slaves. So any Jew who publicly declares that he has converted to Catholicism, (let alone exhorts the great spiritual benefits of the TLM), also needs to publicly declare where he stands on the whole Judaism thing.

Folks, he can’t have it both ways. But right now he is doing just that. He has supposedly become a Catholic yet he remains bound to the tribe that has the guilt of nailing Jesus to the cross. The Jews rejected Jesus Christ as the Son of God and thus broke their allegiance to God’s Covenant. They’ve been off the rails ever since yet remain convinced that they are somehow still God’s chosen ones.

The video of the interview is here. Watch it if you can be bothered, but it’s rather demeaning to see a Catholic Bishop slobbering all over this guy just because he’s a famous actor. And needless to say, there are no tough questions along the lines of, “so, you’re a TLM Catholic guy now, great – so what are your positions on homosexuality, feminism, the transgender cult, racism and refugees?”

Also, he looks like he has just dragged himself out of bed. That’s how you dress to go be interviewed by a Bishop? And you’re supposedly into the TLM? Wear a suit and tie and sit up straight and maybe I might start to take you even moderately seriously while you spout off on your bubblegum spirituality act.

Incidentally, I also have not been able to find out what his position is regarding the modern Zionist state of Israel. They are the Pharisees of our time and thus are our main enemies. Perhaps one of you internet sleuths can dig up something; let us know in the comments.

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