900 Pureblood Queensland Teachers’ Pay SLASHED

Hands up if you’re pureblood….5 points to Slytherin.

Covid Tyranny is not over, it has merely set the foundation for a big pharma and digital surveillance dystopia:

Educators are “horrified” over a plan that will see Queensland teachers docked pay if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

A letter issued from the Department of Education has left hundreds of teachers reeling, and Teachers’ Professional Association secretary Tracy Tully said it was an “outrage”.

She told Today the decision was not made on health grounds, as the teachers would still be allowed in the classroom.

It’s about as clear cut a case of discrimination as you can get. It is remarkable that the Department of Education thought they could get away with it, but they already denied pureblood teachers the right to work via the vaccine mandate, so they probably figure they can just keep on rolling.

Depending on the rank of the employee, the pay cuts could range from $500 to $3000.

“These teachers have been at the forefront of COVID since it started so to all of a sudden treat them like this is absolutely demoralising,” Tully said.

“The reason being, it’s about punishment, because they can, and it’s a small select group and as a small select group they can be targeted easily.”

She said teachers who refused to get vaccinated had already been stood down without pay during the pandemic.

“They did not break any laws by not following the direction,” Tully said.

Tully said the pay cuts would happen “immediately”, and that there had been no consultation.

“We’ll do the fight for them,” she said.

“I personally am invested in this one with the Industrial Relations Commission because the power, of the arrogance, of the cruelty, in what they’re doing.”

The pay cut will almost certainly be struck down, and it is refreshing that advocates will fight on behalf of pureblood teachers. However, the wording of the response from from the bureaucrats gives an indication of the mindset which led to the planned pay cut in the first place:

A Department of Education spokesperson said the “disciplinary penalty” amounted to about $25-$90 a week for 18 weeks, proportionate to a staff member’s pay.

“This is not an uncommon penalty to result from a disciplinary process,” the spokesperson said.

But they haven’t done anything wrong. The Department is in the wrong for denying their right to work in the first place.

“The Department of Education is pleased that 99 per cent of the approximate 54,000 teachers have complied with the requirements.

We all know this 99% figure is bollocks.

“However, the department is currently finalising disciplinary processes against approximately 900 school staff (including teachers, teacher aides, admin staff, cleaners, schools officers, etc) who were non-compliant with the lawful direction from their employer enforcing the Chief Health Officer’s direction to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

The spokesperson said those staff had had their individual circumstances considered before disciplinary measures were decided on.

“School staff were given ample opportunity to follow the lawful direction or provide evidence as to why they should be exempt from the direction since the vaccination requirements were announced in November 2021,” the spokesperson said.

“The Chief Health Officer’s direction requiring school staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 was repealed on 30 June 2022. Since that time unvaccinated staff have been able to return to the workplace.”

Like “settings” and “jurisdiction”, the awful term “lawful direction” is being normalised. Its apparent meaning is “a sneaky way of making a law without having to request the people’s consent to pass it”.

Going by the chatter I have seen on this topic, I expect a backdown from the department and a weasel worded non-apology. The mindset however will not change. The belief that they have a right to first deny work to purebloods, then dock their pay upon their return is widespread among the bureaucratic elite who believe it is their moloch-given right to socially engineer society.

Caldron Pool notes that we are seeing the foundation of a Chinese-style social credit system in the West:

The move has been likened to the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system, which is designed to control social behaviours through state-sanctioned rewards and punishments.

The system vows to, “Make trustworthy people benefit everywhere and untrustworthy people restricted everywhere.”

And of course, what constitutes “trustworthiness” is entirely up to the state to define, like whether or not you’ve had your prescribed medical treatments for the good of society.

A social credit system already exists in the West and it is far worse than China’s. In China the rules are clearly defined and enforced by the state. In the West the rules change constantly, and are enforced by internet mobs who can get you fired, and real life mobs who are allowed to bash ordinary people with impunity. Intelligence services and corporations also collude to remove access to the financial system of those who oppose Globohomo, and the Lying Press colludes with all these groups to humiliate wrongthinkers.

This system of control was already in place before the not pandemic. Covid has simply given our overlords a pretext to increase their level of control.

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