The Israelites Were White


The hatred of whites spearheaded by imposters who call themselves Jews, falsely claiming to be Israel (the Bible warns us of this) is more than just “racism”. White peoples ARE Israel. We ARE God’s chosen people. And the very worst flaw we have in us and have always had in us, is that we forget and deny our true heritage and our true faith. 150 years ago we made up 30% of the world’s population. Now we make up less than 8% of it. We are being destroyed by God’s enemies because we have abandoned God. Our enemies want to eradicate us not because of our skin colour. They want to eradicate us because within our skin colour is the mark of God that identifies us as His Chosen people. The blessing of Abraham, the birthright of which was sold by Esau to Jacob (Israel) for the price of a meal. Modern day Jews are of Esau, white like us, but a protected species. They want their birthright back. But as long as we exist they know they can never claim it. So they want all white skin gone other than their own. They don’t hate you. They hate God. You they hate by association.

Any Nationalist movement that doesn’t put God first is doomed to fail. Any that preach race first rather than God first is doomed to fail. Your race is only important because of God. God set our race apart to be both an example and a warning to the rest of humanity. When we follow God we prosper, when we abandon God or follow false Gods our people and our civilisations deteriorate. Yes we may still conquer, like the tribe of Dan did (Danes-Vikings), if we make societies with laws (from Moses) we may build civilisations (Greeks/Romans), but only when we fully follow the one true God, who blessed us with promises, do we have societies free from hedonism and debauchery and is our true potential fulfilled.

Learn your TRUE ancestry. Only fanatics can overcome enemies who have power over and who rule over you and Godless Nationalists are not fanatics. Hitler’s early success was because his people mostly still had God as their foundation. Hitler failed because he preached Aryan not Israel. German, not white. He united Germany against the Jews. He needed to unite Christendom and Israel against the enemies of God .

There were 13 tribes of Israel, 12 with land to autonomously rule over, 1 to rule over the spiritual health of the rest. When they fought each other, the enemies of God conquered them. When they united they were unstoppable.

How many brother wars have we had? How many times have our tribes of Israel fought one another? And how do you propose to unite our race under Nationalism?

Have you looked at our race recently? Do they make you proud? Do they make you feel superior? NO! Be honest with yourself. They disgust you! They make you feel sick! They are mostly an abomination of debauchery, cowardice and selfishness. Why on earth would you want to unite that?

It is not enough to try and appeal to race. People won’t fight for race anymore. You must give them a reason to be proud of what their race means and you must give them a reason to be ashamed of what their race has become. That reason is God. Turn to God you Nationalist heathens. No one will follow you until you do and no one should follow you until you do. Learn who you really are and become the fanatic of God you were destined to be.

For each of the 100 proofs of our Israelite ancestry there is a video that provides greater more detailed evidence for the claim.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.