Roe vs Wade is Irrelevant


The joke going around is that now that it looks like the Supreme Court is going to overturn Roe vs Wade, the next things we should ban for women are smartphones and saying they’re fine when they’re not fine. Though, if we want to get just a tad accurate at this point then it might be worthwhile stating that Roe vs Wade has not yet been overturned, and even if it does eventuate that just means that it will be up to each state to decide the matter. So it would be a safe bet to predict that California, as an example, would go all in on baby sacrifice to Moloch as a way to appease the evil demons cheated out of child murder in places like Montana.

Personally my instinct is that the legal decision will not be overturned. The whole thing stinks to high heaven of your typical leftist political play. These usually evolve along the lines of the mean girls at school pretending to be friends with the new girl only to shoot her down in flames in front of the entire cafeteria. The leaking of the pending decision is the pretending to be friends part; it gets your hopes up.

Abortion affects women in obvious ways, but it also affects men. It removes the decision making process from the man and gives it to the woman under the pretext of it being her body, which conveniently forgets the smaller body involved in each individual tragedy. This removal of men from headship of their own home is significant in the greater scheme of things, amply demonstrated by the usual tactics of scorn and belittlement on the part of the left whenever this topic is raised. Ironically, women think that they have agency instead of men, but it is actually the State that has the real power. As is being demonstrated at this moment in time.

We have come a very long way from the Ten Commandments. It is the State that has the material power over our physical lives. With the one hand they offer us baubles, while with the other they degrade our physical lives in the hope that our spiritual lives will follow into the pit. Religion still has immense power, but only if we harness it.

I saw a discussion on Gab that the next thing that governments should ban is porn, so as to help men in the same way that women will be helped by overturning the legal decision on abortion. I find such a discussion to be intrinsically flawed because it works from a baseline assumption that the only way men can be helped is if the government takes action. Such a worldview advocates the government having the power over our individual lives and the choices which we make. Yes, porn is evil and degrades a society, and it certainly goes against the Bible, (although heretics of legalism will loftily pronounce that there is nowhere in the Bible that specifically mentions porn so it cannot be in conflict with God’s word. To such arguments I merely utilise the many and varied forms of ignore and mute buttons as I will not give their puerile views credibility by engaging with them.)

The lesson is, stop looking to the government to save you from yourselves. The government is the System; it is evil beyond reproach. Instead, look to yourselves, your families and your communities. If you acknowledge that the government has power over you, then it will indeed have that power. The rules are not for the suckers; the rules are for the fleeced. At every step you should be seeking to operate outside the System as much as materially possible. What compromises you need to make so as to survive in this world must be offset with a firm spiritual outlook and strong life of prayer and obedience to the Word of God.

With such a life, the machinations of governments become facile and irrelevant. The lifting or not lifting of Roe vs Wade should not influence you in the slightest. However, if such a legal decision is critical for you then perhaps you should use it as an opportunity to reexamine your place in the world. As all of us must do, each and every day.

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