Neil Erikson Exposes Fake & Gay Church, Victoria Police LGPT Bias


In May 2019 Neil Erikson confronted homosexual activists holding what they claimed was a church meeting at the so-called “Metropolitan Community Church” (MCC) in Richmond. He told them that the Bible teaches explicitly against homosexuality, that they were breaking His commandments and misrepresenting Christianity:

Members of the fake and gay church reacted violently to Erikson’s reproval, however Erikson was the only one charged by State security forces under the dubious pretext of “disturbing religious worship”.

As demonstrated by his defence, this charge is demonstrably spurious.

In 2021 Erikson served a one month sentence for calling mohammed a false prophet, during which Victoria Police’s top brass attempted to murder him by sending him to a prison full of muslims.

In further proceedings over recent days, in attempting to subpoena material crucial to his case, Erikson exposed potential fraud by the fake and gay church, potential breaches of the law by the Victorian government and potential duplicity by Victoria’s politicised security services.

The MCC itself has since closed down, and nobody knows what happened to over $28,000 worth of grants supplied by the taxpayer to the MCC. As the MCC was purportedly a religious organisation, taxpayer funding of it should have been illegal.

Police officers have conveniently been unable to locate notes and emails regarding the “investigation”, and appeared upset that they had been subpoenaed in the first place. It is possible that some of the Victoria Police officers involved in the so-called “investigation” had a conflict of interest due to their political affiliation and apparent close ties to the MCC.

Due to the invocation of the Charter of Human Rights, Victoria’s Attorney General has been drawn into the case. Bizarrely, Counter Terrorism is also involved.

We sent some questions to Neil Erikson to expand on the matter, and he has been kind enough to send through a response.

XYZ News: What has just happened to you via the court’s decision?

Neil Erikson: The court has currently adjourned the Subpoena hearing (where Judge Kidd decides on what disclosure I can have) to June 3rd. Trial begins July 13th – 14th. In prior hearings before the adjournment, myself and the prosecution argued over the disclosure of materials in Police possession.

The prosecution has also invoked the Charter of Human Rights to attempt to amend and incorporate the charge of disturbing religious worship which dates to 1899. The charge of disturbing religious worship has no relation to religious freedom, I would argue, and the Attorney General will have to be involved in the prosecution due to the Charter being invoked.

I was seeking notes and emails in the possession of the two responding Officers, Irvine and Stamatakos whom have claimed under oath that they did not take any notes on the night of the incident, nor did they take notes when they met with the witnesses one week after the incident. They also only provided a couple of emails they had sent to the witnesses but are concealing the entirety of the email conversations. I, as well as the other person I was with at the incident, have provided statutory declarations that when we provided our identification to the responding officers, we witnessed the officers writing notes into their notepads.

I also requested Lesbian Officer Gabby Tyacke’s notes and emails outlining her involvement with the witnesses as she attended with the witnesses one week after the incident wearing a modified Homosexual Police uniform, alongside the at-the-time Sexual and Gender Minister Ro Allen. (Images of that meeting below):

Image taken on May 19, 2019 at witnesses address.
Image taken on May 19, 2019 at witnesses address.

I also requested notes and emails by Area Commander Joe Connor who had told the witnesses “This is the charge we can get Erikson on” and who promoted one of the responding officers to lead investigator (Irvine) who collected evidence and took statements from witnesses but also, he claims, did not take any notes regarding this. Connor also put together an attached file named “Update” which at the time was emailed to Chief Commissioner of Police Graham Ashton and Counter Terrorism Police, which I have also subpoenaed.

The last Subpoena I lodged was in relation to an email sent to LGBTI Officer Bec Macleod titled “FAR-RIGHT Extremist attacks MCC”. This email was forwarded to dozens of other officers including Counter Terrorism, and the contents of which was used in the evidence in court to portray myself as a dangerous Far Right Extremist. They are refusing to provide this email.

I also requested to know where the video evidence came from, who collected it and when. This was answered by way of an affidavit by the Head of Counter Terrorism who claims he’s pretty sure a private government employee being paid by Counter Terrorism had obtained it but I am not being allowed to know the identity of this individual or track the chain of evidence.

Four affidavits were provided by the Police to the court, one by Inspector Holland stating Officer Connor had retired and Homosexual Officer Bec Macleod has been suspended, which they claim has made it impossible for the Victoria Police to access their materials.

My argument related to receiving the disclosure material rests on Alister v R (1984) in which it states:

“In a criminal case it is appropriate to adopt a more liberal approach to the inspection of documents by the court. The more liberal approach is required to ensure, so far as it lies within the court’s power, that the secrecy which is appropriate to some of the activities of government furnishes no incentive to misuse the processes of the criminal law.”

This decision was upheld recently in the Mokbel Lawyer X cases.

The biggest issue the Prosecution are having with all this is all the materials collected that I am requesting was collected prior to a complaint being made and prior to any bipartisan investigation.

XYZ News: Do you know what arguments the state is using to justify the involvement of counter terrorism units in your case?

Neil Erikson: Anything related to Counter Terrorism or Homosexual Police involvement is being argued by the prosecution as “Public Interest Immunity”:

“Public interest immunity (PII) is a rule of evidence which operates to restrict the production/dissemination of otherwise relevant evidence in legal proceedings where its disclosure would be against the public interest”.

XYZ News: Do you think the mobilisation of so many resources against you indicates Victoria Police and the Victorian government have something to hide?

Neil Erikson: I believe there is a cover up attempt to prevent the court and public knowing the number of high-ranking officers and Counter Terrorism police involved in this small summary offence. The Homosexual Police Liaison Officers unit, according to Victoria Police, is only used to provide resources such as counselling contacts, but they took an active part in this investigation and even collected evidence which is highly suspicious, given that police swear an oath to act impartially and police without favour or malice or ill will:

“without favour or affection, malice or ill-will” – VICTORIA POLICE ACT 2013 – SCHEDULE 2

XYZ News: Do you know what happened to the $28k in grants to the fake and gay church, and whether it will be returned?

Neil Erikson: Between 2018-19 Metropolitan Community Church received $19,980.00 for:

“Metropolitan Community Church of Melbourne is a Christian faith community with specific outreach to LGBTIQ people and their allies. They will use their grant funds to upgrade their infrastructure to enable live streaming and online recording of services for people who cannot attend in person.” – LGBTIQ+ Community Grants 2018-19.

It is outlined in ATTORNEY-GENERAL (VICT.); EX REL. BLACK v. THE COMMONWEALTH (1981) that Government money cannot be used for religious acts but rather, only non-religious education and non-religious motivations. To pay for the ability to stream services would be considered unlawful.

In 2017 the Metropolitan Community Church received $8,500.00 for:

“The Metropolitan Community Church Melbourne offers a caring Christian faith community that celebrates and welcomes LGBTI members. They will be using grant funds for a website redesign, business plan, and marketing.”

This grant would also be considered unlawful as the money is being used to establish and promote an alleged religion.

XYZ News: Is there any way citizens can push for an investigation to see if it engaged in illegal behaviour?

Neil Erikson: Yes, you can complain about the above mentioned government grants at and also at the

You can also report fraud to the Attorney General as the illegal church – Metropolitan Community Church Incorporated – was not a “Recognised Religious Denomination” and the alleged “Minister of Religion” Susan Townsend was only registered as a civil celebrant, but advertised and performed religious marriage ceremonies without the proper authority.

XYZ News: Do you think there should be an investigation into the politicisation of Victoria Police with regards to its pushing of a far left LGPT agenda?

Neil Erikson: Yes, there needs to a complete overhaul into the Victoria Police, Sir Ken Lay said himself that Victoria Police were the most corrupt organisation he had ever witnessed.

XYZ News will continue to follow this story.

You can find Neil Erikson at Telegram.