Kyle Sandilands tells the truth about “trans” athletes


Even a broken fuckwit can be right twice a year.

After admitting in March that he accepted blood money to “con” Aussies into taking the dangerous, untested Covid not-vaccines, Kyle Sandilands has stated this simple truth about so-called “trans” women:

They simply do not exist.

‘I feel – and this is only my personal opinion and I’m happy to have my mind changed – if you’re born a female, you’re allowed to swim against other females.

‘If you’re a 6ft man with (audio beeped) in women’s bathers, that’s not going to cut it.’

A producer hit back at the radio host claiming he was being ‘really offensive to trans women’. 

Sandilands snapped back, defending his comment.

‘It’s offensive to women who want to compete against other women, that a bloke is allowed to beat them,’ he said.

The producer responded, ‘By saying bloke, you’re just dismissing what a trans women is’.

‘Well you’re dismissing what an actual woman is,’ Sandilands shot back.

Men who cut off their penis and testicles and take hormones are not women. They are men who have cut off their penis and testicles and have taken hormones. Seeing just how steep slippery slope could get since the “legalising” of anal marriage has been stunning, even for such practiced harbingers of doom here at XYZ News.

The groomers have launched an all out assault on our children.

The insistence that mutilated crazy men are in fact women is an assault on reality itself.

I don’t hold out hope of Sandilands sticking to his guns on this one. He has given himself wriggle room with the line “I’m happy to have my mind changed”, and in the past he has demonstrated a willingness to back down to the kinds of fanatics one finds in the trans lobby:

In 2019 he apologised for comments blaspheming The Virgin Mary. Ironically he did so when confronted by a mob of angry muslims whom, while holding heretical beliefs about Jesus and The Virgin Mary, were nevertheless prepared to stand up for their beliefs.

Which goes to show that if White men can commit to round the clock suicide bombings, we will destroy jewish power in about three days.

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