United Australia & Australia One are nowhere on the vaxx


I’ve started to receive some curious comments on my article from a few days ago on the complete vacuum of any leadership being shown in the Australian election by any candidate as regards to the vaxx mandates. The comments, which are from first time commenters to the blog, have only come in recently, which tells me that someone has seen the piece and is not happy with it. I wonder who that could be?

“Adam!!, What are you talking about? There are three minor parties that have made the mandates a serious issue. They are UAP, One Nation and Australia One. Anyone pissed off about the toxic vax push and mandates needs to vote for one of these parties and NEVER vote for Labor, Liber/National or the Greens.”

So we have in order, Craig Kelly, Pauline Hanson and Riccardo Bosi.

I wonder what the other commenter had to say?

“hang on a minute! I wholeheartedly agree with your post but when you say ‘Where is the leader who is prepared to fight for Australians? It is utterly shameful at this time that none of them have seen fit to bring up this crucial and relevant point.‘ What about Craig Kelly from the United Australia Party and Ricardo Bosi? If you write a piece like this then should you not be using your voice to promote people who ARE trying to stand up for Australian’s rights? Please look into what they are saying about the V’s and give them the platforms they need to win our next election.”

She wholeheartedly agrees with my post but then proceeds to not agree with it. And once again we have Kelly and Bosi. Poor old Pauline doesn’t get a look in, but then she’s been greasing the traps for almost thirty years now so if she was going to do something then she would have done it already.

Kelly? Give me a break. Kelly is an opportunist that decided to jump before he was pushed. He’s a product of the System so he is the System. Completely untrustworthy on every level.

Bosi is a joke. He positions himself as the man of the ‘Australian people’, when he’s not even Australian at all, but a foreign ring-in whose parents were brought to our shores as the advance wave to edge out the Anglos. He is a forthright defender of ‘Judeo-Christian values” which means that he is also the enemy and in the pay of the System. And also an opportunist. I mean, it’s right there on his party’s front page:

AUSTRALIAONE is committed to strengthening Australia as a sovereign, self-reliant, Judeo- Christian western democracy which is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, culturally vibrant, and socially cohesive.

Love those Judeo-Christian values. But also the good old, ‘culturally vibrant’ and ‘socially cohesive’. Sure is a strange playbook for a supposedly far-right party. I suppose I’ve been out of the country for the last four years so maybe some things have developed that I wasn’t aware of. Go to their policy page and it seems legit. I mean, they state that they don’t want any mandatory vaccination.

Ensure no mandatory vaccination

Right on, fight the power.

Except, we don’t have mandatory vaccination now. What we do have is the unvaccinated are not allowed to work, or to enter into most states in Australia without having to enjoy the comforts of the wonderful wellness camps and the like. Plus all of the other nefarious little injustices that all add up so as to make their lives miserable. I don’t see anywhere that Bosi intends to fight those mandates. And his pledge to not tolerate mandatory vaccinations, as worthless as it is, is buried amidst the rest of his policies. Not exactly front and center, is it? Which was kind of the point of my piece.

United Australia Party are a little bit better; at least their stance on the jab is on their front page, if you click it to the right a bit. They plan to end mandates. But which mandates, exactly? Is it the mandatory vaccinations which we don’t have? Is it the mandatory vaccinations for certain professions such as teachers? I don’t know, it doesn’t say. So very very vague. That’s promising. Sounds entirely trustworthy, I’m sure.

And nowhere with either of them, nowhere at all is there any mention of compensation and holding to account the bastards who freely did this to Australians. I don’t see any mention of that. I see a whole lotta nothing.

But thanks, new commenters who so mysteriously appeared from out of the blue. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Good job! You must have served your masters well.


And Pauline? Buggered if I know. She was a good dancer though, back in the day. I enjoyed my swinging groove with her. Story for another time.

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