Are Mudbloods Making Purebloods Sick?


Once upon a time, there was a thing called the scientific method. Observant people would notice something in one area of life and it would lead them to think “what if?” The question could be about the area of life they were directly observing or it might be about an entirely different area of life where the person wondered if there could be a similar process occurring. If the person fleshed out this question to detail how their observation might more fully describe reality then this would be called a scientific hypothesis.

Following this hypothesis someone would design tests to try and find out if the what if actually was. If the answer was affirmative then a scientific theory would be born.

Finally, once the theory was born or even once the hypothesis was born people would start thinking other “what if?”s about the original observation, about the test results and about the theory and would design different tests to find out if different answers explained observations better. When the scientific method worked really well it would be the same person who had the original “what if?” question and did the original test, who wouldn’t be satisfied with his own results.

The state of mind required for the scientific method to work is one curiosity not ego. The person asking the question should have no emotional attachment to the answer of the question he asked. Nor should he mind doubts to answers he believed were settled years ago.

For the last two years I have been looking into the question of what causes mass illness in humans. Recently many people in my circle became ill at the same time with body aches and a slight fever, followed by a week of fatigue and slightly increased mucus production. Some of the people I know took a CoVid test at the time and tested positive.

The illness linked with the genomic sequence labelled Novel Coronavirus 2019 is SARS2 or “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2”. In other words the illness that people tested positive for was NOT the illness they had.

It’s pretty basic. The threat was a severe acute respiratory illness. The threat was not people having a few aches and pains for a couple of days followed by a week of general tiredness, slight loss of appetite and the mildest of mild extra snot and phlegm. The test may or may not have been detecting a novel Coronavirus, but universally across the board there was no evidence of this microscopic particle causing the illness that had induced Governments to terrorise it’s own citizens for over two years straight.

Still, the personal experience did seem to give weight to germ theory. My circle of friends had all seemed to become sick due to being in contact with one another. We all had the same symptoms and we all became sick within 24-48 hours after meeting up. Not all of us became sick, but it was the majority. What else other than a “germ” could have caused this?

Well a “what if” was presented to me just after I wrote of my experience on my Telegram group and just after I had told everyone that Germ theory was gaining the upper hand over terrain theory due to my personal experience. Also just after a dozen people on my Telegram Page also told me that the same illness had affected them and their friends in various parts of Australia. Confirmation of an epidemic of a mild illness “infecting people” via close contact with each other throughout the Nation. Not SARS 2 but definitely fuel for the Government justification to make public health orders for more serious infectious illnesses. Especially in regards to vaccines.

That night I watched a debate between a young earth intelligent design creationist and three science “experts” defending evolution. It was a very interesting video. The “experts” sadly being totally unprepared for the debate and gave a very poor showing.

One thing one of the experts did do however was provide an example of an observation in nature that gave me a “what if?” for the terrain theory vs germ theory subject that I have been looking into.

He described how in a maple forest that when one tree is attacked by a parasitic beetle, that tree will release a chemical pheromone that other trees in the forest will sense and cause them all to release the same chemical pheromones to pass on the message to the rest of the forest. All the forest maples will then go into stress and overproduce sap that deters the beetle.

One tree under attack. All of the trees becoming mildly sick as a preventative defence measure.

What if?

What if?

Lots of vaccinated people are becoming sick around us. They have been poisoned. What if they are releasing pheromones?

What if all over body aches, slight loss of appetite, mild fever and mild increase in mucus is a preventative defence measure, not an illness caused by a germ?

What if “novel Coronaviruses” are exosomes not viruses – what the body expels from cells as a response to toxins or a perceived collective threat rather than the cause of the illness? What if they are the firefighters not the arsonists – present at every fire but not the cause of the fire?

The question of terrain theory over germ theory is not answered. More tests need to be done. I have no emotional attachment to the answer. I am simply curious to know the truth.

If terrain theory is true, I oppose Government mandates. If germ theory is true, I oppose Government mandates. I can argue against them on a moral and a scientific basis regardless of what causes people to become sick at the same time. But science is never settled and the only absolute anyone should ever hold to is God.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.