There is no Covid


So lots of people I know became sick all at the same time, my wife and I included. We all had the same symptoms. We all got sick shortly after being with each other.

This would appear to validate germ theory. The people who became sick were of different backgrounds, lived in different places and who had radically different diets from each other. Our internal terrains were not the same, we were not all exposed to the same toxins, yet we were all brought down by an illness of the same symptoms within days of each other after meeting up.

It is important not to pin our colours to the mast in contrary positions when we are skeptical of mainstream narratives. There may be a terrain theory explanation for what just occurred to my friends and I, but a germ theory explanation appears more likely. In regards to how to treat a germ though, a previous article I wrote on the connection between permaculture gardening and illnesses still appears to have merit.

Now to the illness itself. A couple of people who had it took a CoVid test and received a positive result. Does this mean that CoVid is real? No! It means that the test misdiagnoses people. How do I definitively know this? Because none of us had a respiratory illness. All of us were sick with body aches and pains, a slight fever, fatigue and loss of appetite. But no wheezing, no problems breathing. The worst any of us had was after the fever broke and the aches and pains went away was a bit of phlegm in the mornings for the next week. Which appeared to be more of an activated self defence mechanism to stop more bugs getting in, than a symptom of the bug that had made us unwell. The illness hit young and old alike. From babies and young children to frail elderly in their mid 70’s. None was more severe than the other. None escaped being bed ridden for one to two days. All of us were lethargic and had loss of appetite for a week after the aches and pains went away. None of us had any problems breathing.

So it wasn’t CoVid. Of any variant. The symptoms were completely different. But the tests said otherwise for those who took it. There were no asymptomatic carriers amongst us. There was no divergence of severity between young and old, previously healthy versus comorbidity amongst us. Twenty people in our circle simply caught some bug or other and felt shitty for two days and tired for a week thereafter. That was it.

This experience and personal testimony gives evidence for germ theory and a possible refutation for parts of terrain theory. It also exposes the CoVid tests as flawed and not fit for purpose.

So from all the reports of people both getting sick with the same symptoms and testing positive for CoVid even though nobody displayed the symptoms for CoVid, tells me that either

a) The CoVid test is bullshit
b) the CoVid symptoms are bullshit
c) The CoVid illness is bullshit
d) all of the above

How can a variant of SEVERE ACCUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME 2 caused by a novel corona virus 2019 (SARS 2 Cov19) be the diagnosis for people who have little to no respiratory illness in their symptoms????

Why on earth would any doctor ever test for that illness when the patient doesn’t have the symptoms for it? And why would anyone trust a test that gives a positive result for that illness when they don’t have the primary symptom that defines the illness?

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