The case for the Great Australian Party

Rod Culleton, Great Australian Party.

Rod Culleton attempted to give a presentation in Busselton WA last night, but was interrupted when a power cut blacked out most of southern south west WA. Needless to say, talk of deliberate sabotage and conspiracy theories abounded at the “coincidence”. Power was back on within the hour though and Rod did a good “the show must go on” effort whilst the lights were out.

This upcoming election is probably the last opportunity to thwart the globo-homo agenda peacefully. Should too few right wing parties manage to be elected and thus fail to thwart advancement of Agenda 2030, then by the time the following election comes around there is a good chance that we will already be subject to either submit or take up arms as our only choices. Because the goon squad will have initiated the violence and submit or face arrest will be the law. I think France is already at that point.

Because none of us will have anything better to do on May 21st we may as well play along with the election and vote. It will probably be a waste of time but you won’t make anything any worse by participating and there’s always a chance.

So based on that lottery ticket win I am officially advocating for people to put Rod Culleton’s Party (The Great Australian Party) as their first choice, followed by a minor Parties that oppose vaccine status discrimination, followed by single issue Parties and non communist Parties, followed by Nationals and finally Liberals.

If you’re going to do this thing, do it right and take the time to write your own preferences and order every single Party on the ballot paper from first to last and finish with Nationals and Liberals. The only Parties that you should leave off your ballot paper are Labor, Greens and one’s you know to be communist independents or communist minor parties.

If you fail to put Nationals and Liberals at the end of your preferences then you run the risk of “exhausting” your vote. This is where there aren’t enough preferences for any minor party to win the last remaining Senate seat for a State and it’s a toss up between Labor and Liberals for the last spot in the State. If your preferences includes neither then your vote is chucked in the bin.

So best to make sure your vote goes somewhere. If a minor Party has secured one seat in the Senate, they’ve got a better chance of finding a non corrupt Liberal second choice MP than the second choice Labor one.

Same applies for the House of Representatives. The minor party preferences will likely not be enough in most seats to help a minor party win the two party preferred majority. It COULD, just don’t count on it and put the Liberal or Nationals candidate the preference after the ones you could actually stomach.

So why am I advocating for Rod Culleton and the Great Australian Party as first choice? Quite simply because his Party is the only one whose primary goal is to bring down the entire Parliament.

Never mind the rest of their policies. They are irrelevant. Culleton was illegally kicked out of office in 2016 under false claims of bankruptcy and criminal conviction, because he dared to swear his oath under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and then expose the fact that the politicians in 1973 set up a straw man to replace the authority of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. That no laws, no international treaties signed, no institutions created, no Government in power have been operating with any legitimate legal authority since that time. That the whole damn lot of it has been done in treason.

So I’m putting Culleton’s Great Australian Party first on my ballot. I personally know the candidate in my area for PHON and I will be helping his campaign and putting him second. I will be preferencing the Australian Christians, UAP, various other minor Parties with the Liberal Democrats last on my preferences before the Nationals and Liberals themselves.

Just a quick word on the Liberal Democrats. I was a part of their WA State executive back in 2018 when I was only semi redpilled.

I absolutely hate them now. No other minor Party that claims to support freedom has done more to give it away than the LDP. It was David Leyonheljm that secures the no jab no pay laws. The LDP supported bum sex marriage. The LDP supported euthanasia laws, abortion, porn, prostitution, mass immigration. Now they claim to oppose vaccine mandates. Only that’s a lie. They oppose Government decrees to businesses and the public. They don’t oppose private businesses including global multinationals imposing vaccine rules on their employees or customers. “Freedom” you see. Discrimination and perversion is fine as long as it’s not the Government who is doing it directly. The only good thing I can say about the LDP is that The Liberals are worse and Labor and the Greens are worse again.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, this was my advice on the upcoming Federal Election. It’s probably all a waste of time and we’ll probably be forced into a civil war before the next one rolls around. But as we’ve got nothing better to do on May 21st we may as well give it one last chance.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.