Ukraine: Three Journalists KILLED Since Sunday


The only people who care about this are other journalists:

Two journalists working for Fox News have been killed in Ukraine when the vehicle they were travelling in outside of Kyiv with another reporter came under fire.

Could have sworn it was spelled “keev”.

The network said its video journalist, Pierre Zakrzewski, and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova were killed in the incident in Horenka that also left reporter Benjamin Hall in hospital.

Mr Zakrzewski had covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria for Fox, the network said in a memo to staff Tuesday morning. Later, Fox announced Ms Kuvshynova’s death. She was a 24-year-old consultant helping Fox’s crews navigate the Kyiv area.

The attack that killed Mr Zakrzewski, who was based in London, came after Brent Renaud, a documentary filmmaker and another veteran of covering war zones, died on Sunday when Russian forces opened fire on his vehicle.

Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News Media, said of Mr Zakrzewski: “His talents were vast and there wasn’t a role that he didn’t jump in to help with in the field — from photographer to engineer to editor to producer — and he did it all under immense pressure with tremendous skill.”

Mr Zakrzewski played a key role last year in getting Fox’s freelancers and their families out of Afghanistan after the US withdrawal, Ms Scott said. He was given an “unsung hero” award at an annual employee event.

“His passion and talent as a journalist were unmatched,” Ms Scott said.

He had been working in Ukraine since last month.

Ms Kuvshynova helped gather information and spoke to sources for Fox.

“She was incredibly talented and spent weeks working directly with our entire team there, operating around the clock to make sure the world knew what was happening in her country.”

Fat lot of good wearing a mask to protect herself from Covid in a war zone did her, huh?

You might think it’s nonsensical for the world’s political, corporate, media and entertainment elite to switch overnight from virtue signalling about Covid to virtue signalling about the Russian-Ukrainian War (referred to in some circles as “1937”).

Don’t they serve completely different purposes, aside from maintaining the illusion of the moral high ground for our purported betters?

As indicated by the last line of that video, they serve exactly the same purpose, and journalists are at the heart of the strategy.

The role of journalists in war zones is not to inform us or to tell us the truth about the conflict. Their assigned task is to make us empathise with the people caught up in the war in order to build public support for their importation into the West by the millions.

If you thought the Syrian Civil War and the resulting European Migrant Crisis were huge, just wait until you see what they have planned next.

From 4chan:

Are you ready, goys?

The war in Ukraine could result in massive flight from Africa to Europe, according to World Food Program Director David Beasley. “This war will have global impacts that many can’t even imagine yet,” Beasley told The Washington Post.

“The few million coming from Ukraine may pale in comparison to what is threatening to come to Europe from the south,” Beasley said. Those who think the Syrian refugee crisis has been a problem should remember that there are 21 million people living in Syria and 500 million in the Sahel, he said. “That could make the Syrian refugee crisis look like a picnic in the park.”

Ukraine and Russia supply about 30 percent of the world’s wheat, 20 percent of its corn and 76 percent of its sunflower seeds.

Journalists in war zones are an important cog in the globalist machine which coordinates the mass ethnic cleansing of White people in our own lands.

Regarding Covid, the role of journalists has been to parrot the government Covid Narrative, to assist in whipping up hysteria to the point where hundreds of millions of White people have willingly let their masters inject them with poison. The short term consequence has been a spike in heart attacks and other serious health issues. The long term consequences are likely lowered immune systems and a reduction in fertility.

Thus, war in Ukraine could trigger a European Migrant Crisis 2.0 just as native Europeans die off from the vaccines and engineered food and energy crises, which were deliberate flow on effects of coordinated government lockdowns and environmental lunacy.

The role of journalists in this diabolical scheme is to make you just sit back and take it.

No tears for you.

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