A few good men


There’s a piece over at The American Mind on the Canadian trucker’s convoy which has been linked to quite a bit around the traps these last few days. In the context of masculinity there are a few interesting snippets which I want to examine here, both as an opportunity for us all to learn and grow, but also if any of us in the future find ourselves in a similar position of opportunity.

Another problem was the lack of quality men: we had some who were brave and others who were sharp, but few who were both. Most damaging of all was that nearly every organizer saw the occupation and their battle with the regime through the lens of a feminine morality, with undue concern about how we would be perceived. There was no understanding of conflict. The organizers couldn’t even fathom the regime extending its power through the judiciary or the financial system, and every time the government used the tools within their control, the organizers would become histrionic, and take comfort in videos of commentary and ranting by political celebrities who supported the convoy.

Let’s begin with that first quoted sentence. The writer is referring to the group in the organizational team. But first, here is another quote from the article:

Everyone in the media team had a university education, and most had worked in politics or government relations. These were people who had come from within the system. This put them under a suspicious light; however, they were also the only people who knew how to play the game—they knew how to write provocative speeches and press releases while limiting legal repercussions.

If you’re playing the game then you’re playing their game, which in the end only amounts to a giant circle jerk. (And let’s leave aside the obvious fact that they would have been infiltrated to a high degree.)

Anyway, back to that first quote. They had some men who were brave and some who were sharp but very few who were both. Quite astonishing that all those university credentials and lots of experience in government didn’t turn up some brave and sharp men. Perhaps they should have gone looking at the local bingo hall.

Sharp means that you’re astute and that you can see through the fog of war and formulate an effective plan and execute it. Brave means that you don’t lose your head when everyone else is losing theirs. You only need a few of those guys in the right positions to succeed, but if you don’t have them, you’re dead in the water. Is it any wonder that these men did not emerge from the ranks of government bureaucracy? They probably thought that they were being smart at using their knowledge of the System to fight the System, but in the end they were one and the same.

But the accusation that they approached their battle through the lens of a feminine morality is one of the most damning assessments of men today that I can recall ever reading or hearing. Right now the Russians are fighting a war. They don’t really care much at all about how they’re being perceived; their entire focus is on getting the job done. There are lessons to be learnt there for us if we are serious about giving the bastards who rule over us a red hot go.

You don’t play fair, you play dirty and vicious. You don’t expect any quarter because you give none. You achieve your goals because you have clear objectives. And you put the right bastards in play who have the smarts and the toughs to see it through. And if anyone starts to ring their hands and wail that all is lost then you give them a punch in the face and tell them to grow some balls. And if that doesn’t work then you take more extreme measures.

Effeminate men. We have a plague of effeminate men. You can pump as much iron as you want but if you have no core then you will be exposed.

They should never have been seeking an end to the mandates. They should have been going all in to overthrow the regime that imposed the mandates. You hit the cause, not a symptom.

But most important of all, if you play by their rules then you lose. You make them dance to your tune. That’s what Trump did. He didn’t play nice and he didn’t play fair; he had no respect for the assumed etiquette. He turned the house upside down and won. And he was constantly attacked for his boorish behavior but, so what? He won.

The truckers lost. Because they still believe in the System. They still believe that if they play fair then they will get a fair hearing. They still believe that there is something left to save. There hasn’t been anything worth saving for two hundred and fifty years. Get your head around that and start working on yourselves. Because we are sorely going to need some good men.

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