ABC admits races have genetic differences


According to their ABC:

More of the Australian population has a positive blood type today compared to the mid-90s, according to new figures.

A trio of researchers from Australian Red Cross Lifeblood analysed blood types from more than a million people from across the country, and found rates of a couple of traditionally rarer blood types also jumped up a few percentage points.

What could possibly be the explanation? The answer is in the picture they chose.

You’re not allowed to draw ethnically homogenous social settings anymore:

“Now we can start to make some plans for the future [such as] outreach programs to various different communities to diversify the cultural representation of our blood donors,” Dr Hirani said.

“If Australia continues … becoming more positive, then I think we could possibly look at how positive blood could become the universal type that we use in some emergencies.”

Like eye colour, your blood type is inherited, and it refers to the presence or absence of certain molecules, called antigens, scattered over the surface of your red blood cells.

Eye colour is genetically inherited? That sounds racist.

When we see blood types written as, say, “O positive” or “AB negative”, this provides information about two different blood group systems.

For the A, B, O and AB part, that’s dictated by what your parents pass on: your mother and your father each gave you an A, B or O version of the gene.

A and B genes are dominant, while O is recessive. So if you get an A from your mother and an O from your father, your blood type is A.

If you get an A and a B, your blood type is AB, and you have both A and B antigens on your red blood cells. Type O blood has no A or B antigens.

The positive or negative bit is shorthand for the presence or absence of an antigen called Rhesus D.

Again, this is inherited from your parents. Each provides either a positive or negative version of the gene that decides whether the Rhesus D antigen is present on your red blood cells.

If your blood type is negative, you have no Rhesus D antigens.

Wait, are they saying we inherit biological characteristics from our parents and they inherit biological characteristics from their parents? Could this mean that if a group of people all share a common ancestor, they also share similar biological characteristics? Does this mean that we could create a term to define a group of people who share similar biological characteristics through a common ancestor? Like, for example, “nation”?

Does this mean that the differences between nations are not just about skin colour, but quite literally about blood? That our differences are more than skin deep but are in fact in our very DNA.

Does this mean that it is important to maintain the biological uniqueness of each race? Does this mean that by definition, multiculturalism breaks down the biological characteristics of a nation and thus constitutes a form of genocide? Would mixing all he races together destory the human biodiversity of planet Earth?

Does this mean that people who accuse those of us who want to preserve human biodiversity of being bigots who “judge” people based on the colour of their skin, are they being deliberately misleading?

No. I had better stop there. I’ll get cancelled or something:

Different populations have different proportions of blood types, and as people move around, so too do their blood type genes.

No, make it stop. When did the ABC get so racist?

For Australia, the fraction of people born overseas has increased steadily since the turn of the millennium, and currently sits just shy of 30 per cent.

Most are English immigrants, [this is a lie, and also they do not count the proportion of foreigners born in Australia in this figure, thus the proportion is far higher] but numbers of people moving from China, India and South-East Asia have steadily increased over the past decade.

“When you’re getting these changes in our community, those are going to be reflected in blood types as well,” Dr Hirani said.

I have no idea how this one got past the gatekeepers. My only explanation is that a similar rule applies here as to population replacement. The media regularly admits that the native White population of Australia, and indeed the West is being replaced and that this is a good thing.

Yet when somebody points out that this deliberate replacement constitutes genocide, all of a sudden it becomes a conspiracy theory. This double standard even appears in the same google search.

Similarly, the ABC is allowed to admit the genetic differences – in the form of different blood types – between races in an article which celebrates the fact that the native Anglo population of Australia is being replaced to the point that even the standard blood type has been altered.

Your race is not merely skin deep, although this is often the most obvious difference. It is your blood, it is your DNA, it is your culture which is unique to your race precisely because it springs from the unique biological characteristics of your race. Your race was passed on to you by your ancestors and ultimately was created by God. It is deserving of your love, and it is your duty to preserve and pass on your race to your children.

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