The Russian reality check


Headlines from The Australian this morning:

‘Step back.’ Morrison warns Russian leader

‘Pretext for war’: UN condemns Putin

Putin pulls the trigger and now has a dangerous array of military options

But I’ll save the best for last. By former conservative prime minister and who was laughably once the great Catholic hope for Australia, Tony Abbott:

Let’s be under no illusion … this is a moment our world could all change

I’m not sure how widely it’s grasped what’s at stake in this confrontation between democracy and autocracy. If Russia seizes Ukraine, a new iron curtain will ring down in Europe.

These are not merely examples of media lies. They are the bleating cries of the Globalist tyrants who are watching their world of lies hitting the cold hard wall of reality.

They have badly miscalculated. They have spent the past sixty years pushing around agrarian peasant societies and have been beaten by them. So they decided to pick a fight with the Bear and instigate a land war in the Russian winter. Obviously we’re dealing with level 1 Princeton geniuses here. Anything to distract from the nightmares at home. The list includes the economy, the economy and the economy; but most of all it is wound tight by their fear that the citizens who have had enough might act.

The countries are the collective West spread out across the globe. They’re all in this together because they have been under the US yoke for so long. Seventy five years is a very long time for a country to keep occupying forces in place. Just why are US troops still occupying Germany? The answer is to make sure that Europe does what the US wants. The threat is not just implied; it is on their very soil.

When Abbott mentions democracy he is appealing to a flawed institution that the modern man is slowly beginning to realise is very bad for him. If defending democracy never really meant anything in the past, it means even less today. When he infers that Ukraine is Europe, he is lying. A Rhodes scholar, (there’s your big clue), knows better than that. But Europe is already under an iron curtain in the form of the faceless EU. The institution that denies sovereignty to those states forced to be beholden to it. Ask Greek pensioners what they think of the EU, or Cypriots that had their bank savings stolen overnight. The entire European continent groans under the EU jackboot but look over there at the evil Putin!

Please. Putin has and is outmaneuvering them so badly that he is revealing them for what they are: frauds and imposters with no skills or expertise. They are six year olds playing chess with a grand master while they scream that they are the best in the world. Their diplomats have no diplomacy and their generals have no attack dog. They move to kick in the door but by doing so their own rotten structure is about to come crashing down.

Do not be deceived by their lies. Do not be taken in by their bleating. The Russians have an extremely long history of dealing with invaders from the West. They have had to do so every hundred years for a thousand years. Yet still they stand. The Globalists need their war so they will get it. But how can they now make calls to nationalism and patriotism when they have done their very best to make those words anathema? Over a hundred years ago they made Australian farmers care about what was going on in the fields of Flanders. But the farmers in Australia don’t look the same any more. And their fields are owned by Chinese conglomerates fronting for the CCP. The Ukrainian fields mean nothing now.

This is the diplomatic version of using slow walking infantry against entrenched machine guns. The Russians are playing to win. The Globalists collectively don’t know what they’re playing for. But Tony Abbott is right about one thing: this is indeed the moment when the world will change. Only most people in the West don’t know that it is they who very much need this change. It is they who need the wake up call from their secular and loveless world. It is Europe who needs to throw off the US jackboot and finally stand tall and proud for its history and heritage.

What a time to be alive.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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