Russia! Russia! Russia!


There’s a story I remember from the Second World War about an English university student who was studying in Bavaria somewhere right before it all kicked off. The day that Britain declared war he was arrested by the SS as an enemy alien and put in the local SS barracks slammer. He got friendly with his guards who after a couple of days let him go. He talked his way out by appealing to their own sense of civic pride and desire to do their duty for their nation, as he too wished to accomplish. Imprisoned at the very beginning, he would spend the entire war sitting on his butt with no possibility of glory. Where was the nobility in that? Besides, what difference would one single twenty year old Brit make to the whole show?

They let him go, he hopped over the border to Switzerland, got back to England and enjoyed a very good war indeed. (I can’t recall his name, but if any of my readers manage to dig it up I will link to him here.) Thanks to Robert and Bruce, the chap I was thinking of was test pilot Eric Brown.

The point of this is not that the SS were actually human beings after all, so don’t go down that rabbit hole. No, the purpose of the anecdote is to show that the British government had no idea whatsoever that the Germans were about to steamroll over the Polish borders on the 1st of September. Neither did the rest of the nations that were to become the Allies. So our English university student, along with every other Brit and Frenchman living or traveling in Germany, received very little warning to get out. Germans caught in those two countries didn’t get any warning either as the German government had not planned for Britain and France declaring war.

This morning the US, British, and Australian governments have all warned their citizens to get out of Kiev.

British nationals in Ukraine are being told to leave the country now while commercial means are still available.

The UK Foreign Office’s warning came as the US said that Russia could invade “any day now” and told its own citizens to leave in the next 48 hours.

Russia has denied any plans to invade Ukraine despite massing more than 100,000 troops near the border.

100K troops to invade an area the size of the Ukraine in winter is what military leaders would classify as very small beans indeed. And we all know that the media lies all of the time, and they certainly do not provide a get out of jail service for their fellow countrymen. So what’s going on?


The left and the globalists, (but I repeat myself), have been using Russia as a convenient excuse to distract from their own machinations for some time now. Remember the whole Russia! Russia! Russia! election hacking hysteria that went on for three whole years from 2016 to 2018, not to mention the whole charade of hearings and you name it? And then in 2020 the Dems and their operatives did exactly what they had spent three years accusing Russia and Trump of doing.

The smart guy in me would like to think that this was a calculated attempt at subversion and distraction for their own nefarious plans to come. But the cynic in me just knows that this bunch of dumb fucks were engaged in a game of pure projection. They accused everyone else of what they were planning on doing because they just assumed that everyone else was lying and cheating as blatantly as they were. So better to get in first and beat the other guys to the punch.

So now for the past few months all we have heard from the very same morons is the howling of war drums that Russia is going to invade the Ukraine. Well, it doesn’t take a genius level IQ to understand what’s going on here. The interesting part to consider is what moves Putin, who is most definitely a very canny political operator, is making. But we know what the US moves will be as they have a lot of form. Andrei Martyanov, (whose excellent website I recently added to the old blog role), has some strategic thoughts on the coming US false flag.

The piece does a good job describing the state of the US economy and judging by the hysteria in the Western media reaching the fever pitch which seemed impossible even a week ago, and promises that now Russians will surely “invade” 404, there are some chances that the false flag is coming. What will it be? But the Ria piece is well justified when stating that US can not control its economic destiny anymore. It can’t. Judging by the stream of the political poodles from the West, ranging from Macron and Scholz to UK’s Defense Secretary today, flocking to “isolated” Moscow, rats started to smell the rat.

Later today American side asked to arrange a telephone talk between Biden and Putin. Sure. It is going to be the waste of time for Putin, because the logic of the events is such that the US now runs in a narrow corridor precluding any kind of maneuver for US “elites” who are one trick pony. The US needs the war, it always needed it once it avoided its disintegration being saved by the bell of the WW II and two oceans. Of course, today oceans are not the obstacles anymore, as they were in 1945, they are excellent prepositioning  areas for modern weapon systems.

The three governments sending out coordinated warnings to their own citizens are good indicators that a false flag is coming. Governments only send out warnings such as these when they are the ones who are about to do the dirty deed. But Putin knows this as well. The real question is whether the US knows that Putin knows this as well.

If they were smart, they would. But they’re stupid. Really, really stupid while convinced of their own diplomatic genius. Fancy a land war in the Russian winter, boys? What a bunch of clowns.

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