Car Of Peace Attack Narrowly Misses New Zealand Police


In news which will surprise precisely nobody, New Zealand police officers who were violently disrupting a peaceful protest in Wellington against vaccine mandates were almost struck by a car earlier today.

Here it is from another angle.

For context, here is footage of New Zealand police officers brutalising peaceful protesters earlier in the day or over previous days:

Here is footage of more of the same from several days beforehand:

In case you’re wondering, yes, they stripped her naked.

In recent weeks, Australian police have used experimental weapons on peaceful protesters in Canberra:

Numerous reports indicate this weapon caused serious adverse effects on peaceful protesters in Canberra.

In Canada in recent days, masked, black clad special forces have violently disrupted the peaceful blockade of the capital, Ottawa.

This is for your health.

A woman was deliberately trampled by police horses. Reports indicate that the woman on the mobility scooter trampled by “Fluffy” suffered a dislocated shoulder. She is also a Red Indian of the Mohawk tribe.

Financial institutions are toeing the government line, working to demonetise freedom protesters in exactly the same way as nationalist YouTubers and American January 6 protesters were demonetised over recent years.

If you’re wondering what they mean by a digital transition, this is it. The digitisation of the financial system has nothing to do with speeding up transactions and everything to do with micromanaging every aspect of our lives and punishing dissent.

Last year in Australia during Melbourne’s epic lockdown, Victoria Police routinely used rubber bullets at close range against unarmed peaceful protesters:

Peaceful protesters were also regularly bashed.

Thus it is important to view the Wellington car attack in its proper context. This is not a black and white situation. It is unclear who is really responsible for inciting the narrowly-avoided serious incident, and it is important that both sides work to understand each other. Above all, we must not allow this incident to undermine our diversity. Diversity is our strength.

This is why I encourage everybody reading this article, the next time you see a peaceful freedom protester, rather than trying to kill them with your car:

Go up to them, give them a hug, and promise that you’ll ride with them.

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