Victorian government pro-vax commercial encourages lesbians to kill themselves


Yes, it’s all connected.

ZOG pushes degeneracy to undermine the family, mass immigration and multiculturalism to undermine ethnic bonds, debt slavery and central banks to undermine financial independence, and falsehood to undermine Christian faith.

With these organic connections to one another frayed, ZOG presents unnatural and harmful forms of social organisation in their stead. Case in point:

A strong, healthy people who would prove fiercely resilient in the face of tyranny thus wilts and turns compliant, submits to the jab and retreats to their pods to eat bugs.

A Victorian government-funded youth body has created a TikTok video encouraging teenagers to go on “vax dates” to get the Covid-19 vaccine without their parents’ permission.

The video by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVIC) features two teenage girls who go on a post-lockdown date to see a movie – but when asked to show their vaccination certificate, one says “my parents haven’t let me get vaccinated yet”.

“I mean, you’re over 14. You don’t actually need to get their permission,” the other girl says. “Wanna go do it now – go on a vax date?”

“That sounds fun,” the girl replies.

“After googling ‘vaccine clinic finder’, they found their nearest clinic,” the video text reads.

The girl then gets her Covid-19 vaccine, and the pair skip out of the clinic holding hands. “Live, Love, Jab for more cute dates in your life,” the video says.

The caption reads, “Pro tip: if you’re over 14, you can have your own Medicare card and consent to getting vax’d.”

A number of states including Victoria and NSW have removed parental consent requirements for young people in a bid to increase vaccination rates among 12- to 15-year-olds.

This advertisement is the natural corollary of the normalisation of degeneracy, particularly the legalisation of poo marriage, and the introduction of the concept of a “mature minor”. The combination of a pro-vax and anti-family message is not an accident.

Degeneracy is:

  • Harmful – Lesbian relationships exhibit disproportionately high rates of physical and sexual abuse, and lesbians use illicit drugs at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of the population.
  • Barren – Only a man and a woman can make a baby.
  • Sinful – God forbids it.

Not only is the Victorian government pushing a degenerate way of life on young girls which could endanger both their health and their souls, but it encourages them to defy their parents and take a dangerous “vaccine” which could send them to an even earlier grave than lesbianism alone.

The irony is that the Victorian government presents both degeneracy and the taking of dangerous, experimental vaccines as good things to do. In doing so it actively endangers the health of those it purports to represent.

Questions must this be raised:

  • Why would a government agency deliberately encourage unhealthy behaviours?
  • Why are these unhealthy behaviours grouped together as a package?
  • Why is the traditional family (ie the only type of family) disparaged?
  • Why are attributes such as European/Anglo/Aryan heritage, strength and masculinity pathologised and criminalised?
  • Why do they hate God so much?

It is almost as though the powers that be are attempting to overthrow natural law, natural order, and replace it with something else.

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