The High IQ Conformists of the Left


When the Right was the establishment, the Left wanted Revolution.

Now that the Left are the establishment, the Right wants Revolution.

The Left used to mock ‘Compliant’ people as ‘Conformists’?

Now the Left are the ‘Conformists’ who ‘Comply’ to the Left establishment.

The Left used to be the radicals.

Now the Right are the radicals.

The Left used to be labelled Communist traitors and destroyers of democracy.

Now the Right are labelled terrorists, insurrectionists, and destroyers of democracy.

The main reason that parties continually swap polls over generations is because when a party takes power it becomes part of the establishment, so its values change as it is moulded and manipulated by the oligarch owners of the democracy.

Just for fun, have a listen to this clown, trying not to laugh.

The Conspiracy theory schonera was traditionally in the realm of the Left. Today the Right are the conveyor of most conspiracy theories. Most conspiracy theories boil down to establishment cover-ups.

I have noticed a new kind of character emerging. The High IQ Conformist. This person is usually a professional and unlike the low IQ Leftards he uses a lot very sophisticated logical arguments to justify his establishment position on every issue. He prefers to use consensus ‘science’ to Marxist theory. You can never pin him down because the moment you flip his logic to demonstrate his hypocrisy, he immediately uses disingenuous Leftist rhetoric with a straight face. This kind of high IQ person knows instinctively which ideas are establishment and thus which ideas will get him the greatest favours and highest paid jobs etc. These people are dangerous because they are masters of rationalisation and will happily herd you into the Gulags.

It is hilarious listening to the Left talk about the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) conspiracy (theory) that gave us the Iraq War but the 911 conspiracy (theory) that gave us the Afghanistan War and the Patriot Act, could not be any kind of conspiracy at all, they say. Respect the 3000 dead.

Well, the best way to respect the 3000 dead is to get to the bottom of what really happened, and it starts with 2 planes, 3 buildings and 5 dancing Israelis.

The Left only accepts a conspiracy if it becomes official by the establishment. Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin, WMDs but not 911 yet.

If the Queen cared about English people, she would not sit back as her hometown of London becomes 60% non-English due to people like Tony Blair.

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