Taliban treats pregnant New Zealand journalist better than Jacinda Ardern


Who’s more reliable in a pinch? This guy in a dress?

Or these guys in dresses carrying guns?

It’s a no brainer.

In a column written for the New Zealand Herald newspaper, Ms Bellis said the New Zealand government had last week rejected her application to return home to give birth.

Currently, Wellington allows citizens and permanent residents to enter, but only if they spend 10 days isolating in quarantine hotels.

As there is high demand for such facilities and a limited number of spots, many New Zealanders wishing to return have effectively been shut out of their country.

She compared that experience to the way she was treated by the Taliban, whom she had contacted to ask if she would be welcome in Afghanistan as an unmarried pregnant woman.

Ms Bellis and her partner, a Belgian photojournalist, had been in Afghanistan last year covering the withdrawal of US troops, and it was the only place she and her partner had visas for.

“You can come and you won’t have a problem. Just tell people you’re married and if it escalates, call us,” Ms Bellis quoted the unnamed officials as saying in response to her request.

“When the Taliban offers you – a pregnant, unmarried woman – safe haven, you know your situation is messed up,” she wrote.

It is not clear what happens to unwed, pregnant women in Afghanistan. However, single Afghan mothers have reported being frequently harassed by Taliban officials, pressured to give up their children, and having their custodial rights threatened.

This story has caused a beautiful amount of embarrassment to the New Zealand government, which is scrambling to save face. Everybody knows Covid is a hoax and Western government are only using it to turn our countries into digital prisons on behalf of their WEF masters.

What intrigues me is the underlying globohomo assumptions in the Lying Press article on the matter.

The Taliban has a very simple, one might even say humane and commonsense approach to human rights. When a pregnant journalist whose life is in danger if she doesn’t find a place to give birth asks them if she can stay as a guest in their country, they consent as long as she respects their customs. They did so despite her attempts, by her own admission, at subversion:

You might know me for being that Kiwi journalist who asked the Taliban in their inaugural press conference; “what will you do to protect the rights of women and girls?”

The globohomo approach to human rights is to recoil in horror at the Taliban’s promotion of healthy family values. They cannot fathom the concept of a woman marrying and having lots of children so she will have plenty of family members to look after her when she gets old.

The pinnacle of human rights and democracy according to globohomo is for women to be in charge of everything, and an obsession with sticking things up people’s bottoms. If a country does not promote these inviolable human rights they must be imposed either by invasion or subversion.

Globohomo’s ultimate goal is to destroy the diversity of every culture on the planet by destroying the family and mixing every race together. They use White men to invade muslim countries to lay waste to them physically through war, then spiritually through democracy. They use the refugees created by these conflicts to flood White countries with foreigners with the intention of breeding us out of existence.

The way to defeat globohomo is for people to return to their home countries to live with their own people, have families with lots of children, expel anyone who subverts God’s natural order and sacrifice whatever it takes to defeat foreign invaders who try to topple this natural order.

When we have our own countries under God again, it will become perfectly natural to show kindness to our neighbour. Our nations stand in open defiance of God, as such we cannot even show human decency to our own people.

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