Novak Djokovic DEPORTED To Prevent Aussie Anti-Vax Revolution

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Novak?

Novak Djokovic’s Australian Visa has been cancelled by a unanimous, full bench hearing of the Federal Court of Australia, and he is set to be deported.

It could not have been made any clearer that the number one reason for this was to squash any hope Australians had of getting around vaccine mandates:

On Friday, Mr Hawke made the call to deport Djokovic from Australia “on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so”.

In the public interest, or the government’s interest? The inclusion of the phrase “on good order grounds” would certainly imply the latter.

“It’s not just the applicant’s public statements that he is opposed to vaccination, it is the fact of his ongoing non-vaccinated status,” Mr Lloyd said.

“He could have been vaccinated if he wanted to be”.

Mr Lloyd has backed up the minister’s view that Djokovic’s mere presence in Australia could whip up anti-vax sentiment.

“The concern is that he’s a high profile person and in many respects a role model so that his presence in Australia would present more strongly to Australians his anti-vaccination views,” Mr Lloyd said.

“The applicant has a history of ignoring safety measures.

“When he was infected he undertook an interview and a photo shoot [that’s the now infamous L’Equipe interview] which included taking his mask off and the minister took the view his presence in Australia would encourage people to emulate his apparent disregard for those kinds of safety measures.”

Mr Lloyd said Djokovic was a known “icon” for anti-vaxxers.

He made that statement as he was being quizzed by Justice James Allsop on whether the minister had provided enough proof that the tennis star was indeed someone anti-vaxxers looked up to.

Mr Lloyd said it was “common sense” and “uncontroversial” that celebrities could influence people, after all that’s why advertisers paid them to spruik their products.

He called Djokovic an “icon” on at least three occasions.

“The applicant’s views on vaccination are widely understood. So the minister has to make a decision about the risk in regard to how he has become an icon for the anti-vaccination groups,” Mr Lloyd said.

Justice Allsop also pressed Mr Lloyd on a point raised by Djokovic’s team, that while the minister had raised the issue of how anti-vaxxers might be emboldened by the star’s presence the “counter factual” argument wasn’t investigated as to what the impact might be to the same people if Djokovic was sent packing.

Mr Lloyd said Australia was not “bound to suffer” someone’s presence out of concern of what might occur after they left.

It could not be any more explicit. If Djokovic is allowed to stay, the Australian government is petrified that ordinary Australians will be emboldened to challenge the vaccine mandates, and that the entire house of cards of Covid Tyranny will come crashing down.

It’s the age old logic; if he can do it, why can’t I?

All symbols of resistance must be eliminated. Icons must be destroyed, lest they gain a power far beyond their physical form. An icon can win battles. In 1098 at the Siege of Antioch, Crusaders holding out against a massive infidel army found the Spearhead of the Holy Lance and subsequently drove all before them.

Thus the Australian government is making an example of Novak, essentially treating him like a terrorist, in the vain hope that it will crush our will to resist them.

Look at this photo. They muzzled him. It is deliberate dehumanisation of Novak, and it is deliberate dehumanisation of you and me.

Why is the Australian government so terrified of anti-vaxxers finding an “icon”? Because this:

And this:

And this:

The sheer, relentless scale of the protests, and the prospect of what is possible when Aussies get really pissed off, blows their Covid narrative out of the water.

They haven’t vaccinated over 90% of the population. We have proof the British government was inflating its own vaccination figures, and the refusal to provide a comprehensive breakdown of vaccination rates among Covid patients and victims by the Victorian government strongly indicates they have been constantly lying about statistics here as well.

Opposition to vaccine mandates is mainstream. They are able to maintain their lies because they have quite literally bought off the Lying Press, and they still have (for now) control over state security forces.

The takeaway is: Turn up the volume.

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