Beware the True Believers


I am seeing lots of signs that the official Covid narrative is beginning to change in such a way that the vile instigators of this gigantic mess can cover their own butts. The dreaded omicron is their smokescreen, as I predicted, but the problem is the huge number of NPCs who are pure believers in the cult of Covid. They have invested their souls into the religion of wearing masks, browbeating their neighbors and proudly lining up for photo shoots which they can display all across their gamuts of social media while they get their latest clot shot.

The powers at be know this and they are afraid. If the true believers are suddenly pitched into the awful reality of coming face to face with the fact that they were so publicly and utterly wrong, if their sheer stupidity is rubbed into their dumb disbelieving faces, then they will be a tad upset I would venture to guess. Those in charge have created a fanatical monster in these legions of true believers.

Which is the problem at hand because they’re not buying the good news. They don’t want the good news because they don’t want this thing to end until we, that is people like you and me, are beaten into the ground. Only then will they have their Covid victory, when they have been proven right.

Tricky. Very tricky. The guys behind the scenes are probably working out right about now which of their main puppets to sacrifice on the looming funeral pyre.

Yesterday I saw reports that 2000 registered nurses have resigned in Western Australia, and that an even more astounding 30,000 teachers in Queensland, one third of the workforce, have preferred to lose their jobs rather than have some experimental gunk shot into a limb. I would describe these people as dissidents. Real dissidents because they have real skin in the game right now. They might not have spent the last decade screaming into the void of the internet via their keyboards, but when push came to shove they stood up.

Going from a secure wage to out in the cold is a very scary thing. It’s just about the most scary thing you can do today because the entire System is designed to keep us enslaved via money. That’s what mature capitalism really is. It alienates people, which causes them to seek comfort in material things that they do not need, which ties them ever more tightly into the money trap. You can be a wage slave, a social security slave, a debt slave, or some combination of these three.

What this means is that when the crap goes down, as is happening right now, you will be far less able to make any moves. Particularly if you have a family to support, although I know of some guys who have bravely done just that, trusting to God and their communities to support them. That takes great faith and an existing community. It makes it easier to understand why the System has spent the past 50 odd years doing its best to destroy both of these things for us. If the only thing left is the System then how can you fight or leave it?

But people are doing just that which is heartening to see. It underlines the fact that securing your financial independence is the most important thing you can do today in the material world. Imagine how many additional teachers or nurses would have quit if they had been in a financial position to do so.

Or maybe those that haven’t quit are instead the true believers. Or perhaps people become a true believer precisely due to the fact that their financial servitude gives them no other choice. They know in their hearts that they are siding with evil but the material terror of losing everything via their paycheck drives them into evil’s waiting arms. They believe not because they want to but because they have no other choice. Which means they become fanatics to the cause, comrades.

Yes, there are clear signs that the narrative is crumbling. But now is the time to be extra cautious. Remember, the slain snake is most dangerous just after its head has been removed. We still have some ways to go before we get to the point when the world awakens from this mess wondering just what sort of nightmare it has lived through.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.