They’re building the bioweapon here: Moderna to open mRNA plant in Australia

So I just put the nanobot in with the tiny tong thingy, right?

There is something I can’t quite put my finger on here. It’s not the fact that our politicians clearly are reciting the lines given to them from above.

Seriously, we elect parrots. But it’s something else:

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine could be manufactured in Australia by the middle of the decade, with plans being put together for a new plant in Victoria capable of producing up to 100 million shots a year.

An in-principle agreement has been struck between Moderna, the federal government and the Victorian government, with hopes to have the facility running by 2024.

Moderna’s Australian head Michael Azrak said he was proud the company would have an Australian manufacturing presence.

“We’re ready to pitch tent in Australia,” Mr Azrak said.

“The facility we’re envisaging will have the capability of at least 100 million doses if need be.”

It’s not that the head of Moderna in Australia is not an Australian. We were sold out long ago.

The federal government is putting funding into the project, but the details of the agreement are commercial in confidence.

It includes priority access to any vaccines made in Australia, to ensure the country is not competing with others abroad in future pandemics or serious outbreaks.

Moderna produces one of three COVID-19 vaccines currently being rolled out in Australia, along with Pfizer and AstraZeneca, and has joined the booster rollout too.

But mRNA vaccines are not currently being manufactured in Australia, meaning every single Pfizer and Moderna shot being administered locally has been flown in from overseas.

The new plant will manufacture Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine and shots tailored for other illnesses like the seasonal flu.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said mRNA technology was likely to play an increasingly important role in Australian healthcare.

“This investment will continue to secure Australia’s future economic prosperity while protecting lives by providing access to world-leading mRNA vaccines made on Australian soil,” he said.

“The new mRNA manufacturing facility in Victoria will produce respiratory vaccines for potential future pandemics and seasonal health issues such as the common flu, protecting lives and livelihoods.”

They hope to have the facility running by 2024. So this means they don’t expect the boosters to clear up this whole Covid thing any time soon.

They are talking about “future outbreaks” as though they have some kind of crystal ball. Their intention is that we will need Covid vaccines for a very long time. They intend for there to be fresh outbreaks to justify the “investment” in the booming “industry” of vaccine manufacturing.

Unlike the manufacture of steel for bridges, rockets to get us to other planets or grapes for wine, these vaccines do not create wealth. The financial model is simply to scare people into taking the vaccines. They can make the vaccines “free”, by subsidising them with taxpayer money or just printing new money to pay for them.

Either way, we get poorer while the elites get richer, and the immune systems, the bodily integrity and the state of the souls of vaccine recipients is steadily diminished.

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