The Last Slaves


Via Western Rifle Shooters I discovered an episode in Indian history of a massacre carried out by the British in 1919 known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The orchestrater, Governor Michael O’Dwyer, was assassinated in London twenty years after the events by an Indian nationalist, Udham Singh, an action he had plotted and waited patiently to achieve for all of that time. Singh was hanged a few months later but went to the gallows unrepentant. Singh was allowed to speak at the conclusion of the trial and he started off with these words.

“I say down with British Imperialism. You say India do not have peace. We have only slavery Generations of so called civilisation has brought us everything filthy and degenerating. known to the human race. All you have to do is read your own history. If you have any human decency about you, you should die with shame. The brutality and blood thirsty way in which the so called intellectuals who call themselves rulers of civilisation in the world are bastard blood . . .”

After eighty years, what difference is there now in India to the images that he describes? Yes, the British were evicted, but the damage had been done. The Indian people were now slaves, their collective spirit crushed after a few hundred years of imperialist rule. They have not recovered.

I recently remarked that the massive crowds demonstrating against the Covid measures in Australia have been almost entirely white, with no Indians or Chinese to be seen even though their collective numbers in the country are in the millions. They were nowhere to be seen because they will not stick their necks above the parapet. They understand the reality.

The Chinese too have been broken, their will finished off under the brutal hand of the 20th century. They came to Australia ostensibly to get away from such calamities and will have no part if the same undercurrents begin surfacing in their adoptive home.

Thomas Sewell recently made a speech on the economic gutting of Australia and the phoniness of the entire national economy as it sits propped up on an enormous bubble supported by low interest rates, money printing and the mass importation of these slave populations to consume material goods with loans made of the same near worthless currency. He describes the process of homogenising the world’s populations until all are slaves with only the very few elites sitting at the top who can enjoy the fruits of their evil machinations.

“… where they destroy the uniqueness of all people in the world, starting with us; we’re the beta test; we’re the first to (be) destroyed “

But we are not the first. We are not the beta test. On the contrary, we are the very last. Whites were systematically used to destroy all of the other races around the world, culminating in the massive wars of the 20th century. However, the attempted enslavement was not successful with all of the races. The Irish, in particular, held out for 800 years. The Arabs have also managed to resist up until this point in time. But the majority of the major population enclaves have been successfully subjugated. That is why those countries are now where the manufacturing bases are located.

The British and other empires left their colonial empires not because they were defeated, but rather because their work was done. They were there not to build but to destroy, a destruction of the spirit and enslavement to capitalism and its goals. Which is why they kept at it in Northern Ireland for so long; the will of the Irish had still not been broken.

The globalists unleashed the fake pandemic in 2020 because they thought that their work with the white populations was done. That the final step to enslavement was in the offering. But even though so many whites have indeed fallen for their siren call, many more have resisted. What we must understand is that the way forward is not to return to the materialistic debauchery and spiritual wasteland of the last sixty years. Rather, we must use this stumbling on their part as an opportunity to reverse their gains and to rise up and banish them to the pits of which they so desperately desire.

If we do not succeed in this then we will indeed be the last slaves.

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