It will take 50 years for the White Man to fully awaken


This speech should be enough to explain why the state framed Thomas Sewell and tried to lock him up and throw away the key.

He is very dangerous to their agenda, because he’s the only one speaking the whole truth about what has happened to our nation, with fiery passion and conviction. All the new would-be leaders in the resistance movement are talking about is freedom to go back to the capitalist multi-culti we had before, but that’s not going to happen (and even if it did, it wouldn’t solve the larger-scale problems we face as an atomised, deracinated people), and the issues are far more ancient, and run far deeper than any of them understand.

Tom has chosen (regardless of how people receive the “optics”) to go all-in with his Aryan pride, his focus on White salvation. This is beyond the pale for all the others trying to lead the country, but as many of us have recognised and tried to point out, the country will never be “one and free” while it is comprised of so many competing disparate nations, religions and races. Tom is ahead of his time, but he’s working hard and fast, speaking with an eloquence and truthfulness that you will NOT hear at any of the Freedom rallies, and he is doing his part to normalise the loving self-interest of the White races – an attitude that was deemed anathema by those who hate the White races long before we were born.

The Bosis, Cossacks, and Kellys of Australia might be able to clean out the political swamp a bit, but what can they do about the corporate swamp, and the Marxist internationalist agenda that is so deeply ingrained as to be their own ideology at the core? On race, Bosi retardedly reduces the matter to “skin colour” and dismisses it as a non-issue. On multiculturalism, Cossack applauds it, because it allows him to be here in this (once) great country. Yes, all the peoples of Australia share a common enemy for now, but that won’t unite us permanently. And what can these freedom leaders do to unite a country comprised of every colour of the rainbow, and every religion and creed? Once we beat our current masters on the issue of medical tyranny, then what? The country was sick and broken long before Covid.

Thomas talks about 50 years. That time horizon is an order of magnitude higher than any political ambition of any would-be parliamentarian, and in my estimation, that’s about how long it’s going to take for the White man to fully awaken and realise that he was born a slave, but he was also born part of something ancient, powerful, and beautiful, which is the Aryan race. Our shame and self-loathing is deeply entrenched, and it will take a long time to break free of it, but we never will until honest, good-hearted men who are not afraid to fight will stand up and speak the truth about who we are, what we owe our ancestors and God, how we got so broken, and who is responsible for it.

Tom is doing that today. That’s why the masters fear him.

You can find James Fox Higgins at Foxgrams.

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James Fox Higgins is a husband, father, writer, musician, multimedia producer, and entrepreneur. He is a Christian nationalist, patriarch, and a passionate advocate for the preservation of European civilisation and cultures. After a long career as an entertainer, James built himself a studio/gym/library in the rainforest of a Australia, and enjoys homesteading with his family, reading classical European literature to his sons, training in classical Japanese martial arts, lifting weights, writing science fiction novels ( ), recording original christian music ( ) and publishing his unpopular opinions about religion, philosophy, and politics.