Based Chinese Cyborgs vs SJW Asian-Australian Female: Who would win?


The Australian Army: Lin always told her teachers her name was Amy. She grew up on a diet of rice, soy milk and McDonalds. She never told her parents about Abhey, they would have freaked….or Hameed, or Ahok, or Fergus…or Nakoro.

In her second year of Accounting at Melbourne University she got a White 1st year guy who liked her banned from the campus because he asked her where she was from.

She joined the Army Reserves because the tax-free salary could help save for a house deposit. Her parents are mortified, convinced she’ll never find a good husband.

Once she got in and had to study Australia’s military history, she was shocked to discover how many Aussies died in World War One. All she had gathered at secondary college was that Australia fought in Gallipoli and Kokoda, and were somehow responsible for the holocaust.

She found basic training too hard.

She is on the fast track to promotion, and she keeps telling herself that she deserves it.

DFR – ‘Your Life, Plus Army Reserve’ from VMLY&R Melbourne on Vimeo.

The People’s Liberation Army: Lin comes from a medium sized town outside Kaifeng. She learned to shoot at age 5, and took her first human life at age 7. She knows Kung Fu, speaks seven languages, is a demolitions expert and has an intimate knowledge of 3000 years of Chinese history. She can fly helicopters, jets and is in training to be an astronaut. She intends to retire from the People’s Liberation Army at 22 so she can find a husband, start a family and honour her parents.

She doesn’t understand why Westerners are freaking out about eating bugs. She has lived on a diet of crickets and drain water her entire life.

She is six and a half feet tall.

Although she has never fought in a hot war she is a veteran of multiple battles. Chinese military training involves live ammunition, where machine gunners and artillery personnel are instructed to try as hard as they can to hit the other team. Basic training inflicts the kind of fatality rate which would send the US Army scurrying home from whatever third world shithole they tried to invade. For the Chinese, the Somme is Tuesday morning.

There are 30 million other Chinese women just like Lin in her battalion alone. And they have a lot of battalions.

Yeah so I am exaggerating a bit, but our situation is actually far more grim. Multiple hilarious comparisons of Western army advertisements versus Russian or Chinese recruitment advertisements already exist.

Those Western army ads are all pozzed. How’s the Turkish one though? An all-male platoon is shown in no uncertain terms what they are training to defend – their women, their children, their families. Can you imagine the scandal if they advertised the Australian Army that way?

We used to acknowledge that our Anzacs did exactly this, fighting for God, king and country. Even before Daniel Andrews tried to tell us that the Anzacs fought for tolerance and diversity, the story was watered down. I grew up being told the Anzacs fought for freedom. If Australia ever wins another war again, our soldiers will win us the freedom to be locked down in our own homes, forced to wear masks outside and restrictions placed on how far we can travel, the freedom to choose between earning a living or refusing a dangerous vaccine, the freedom to have poloce bash your door down for internet posts, and the freedom to be put in concentration camps in the name of public health.

Now, we’re not even allowed to fight for anything real anymore. Even the stories jews tell us about ourselves are based on sentimental guff. We’re presented with random multicultural bands drawn together to fight for ideals, dreams and hope.

Nobody fights for that crap. People only fight for their mates, their families, for their people and for God. Nothing else.

Which brings us back to Lin. One woman is fighting for her country. The other one is hoping to maintain a good work-life balance in a safe work environment, free of harassment and bullying, in the army a country to whom she holds the barest superficial allegiance.

I just don’t think “our” Lin is going to fight all that hard.

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