Stan Grant wants us to die for a country that hates us


Stan Grant has spent 35 years hoping that because the Lying Press will never mention it, nobody else will actually notice.

You know. The thing.

He has devoted his entire professional career to tearing down the foundations of White Civilisation and he has in turn built his career on the rubble. As such I usually ignore his ramblings but the following headline and tagline caught my attention.

“To talk about notions of honour or society can seem hopelessly conservative today. Even reactionary.“

Is it just me, or has Stan clicked on to the fact that having successfully destroyed the West’s foundations, his brave new world could be a little vulnerable?

He puts forward the usual, easily refuted guff:

“On ABC Radio this week I was reminded of another time, another Australia. We were discussing Australia’s place in the world after former prime minister Paul Keating’s National Press Club appearance criticising our handling of the rise of China.

“Many of the callers were lamenting Australia’s recent record on climate change, refugees and racism. We were on the wrong track. We were alienating other nations like France. One man said he had returned to Australia after living abroad to find we had, in his opinion, gone backwards.”

Translation – lefties are upset that ordinary, patriotic Aussies haven’t all died yet. Ditto for the following:

“So we arrive at the endless culture wars. We form our tribes and arm ourselves for battle.“

They literally want us to give up, roll over and die so that the Culture Wars, ie the Cold Race War, can end. Intriguingly, he mentions his aboriginal grandparents who fought in the great wars of the 20th century:

People like my great uncle; an Indigenous man who signed up to fight in World War I and never returned from the fields of France. His body lies there still.

His brother, my grandfather, fought in World War II, a Rat of Tobruk. Aboriginal men who defended our country abroad at a time when they were not fully recognised as equal citizens at home.

My cousin has continued the tradition. A lifelong army officer who served in Iraq.

They believed that if their fight for justice here was going to mean anything they would also have to fight for their country alongside other Australians.

Revisionists have eagerly browned the history of the World Wars, just as they have browned every other epoch of European history. Of course non-White people fought and died on both sides. This does not negate the fact that considering the deaths from World War 1, the Spanish Flu, the Russian Revolution and World War 2, the first half of the 20th century constituted the unmitigated slaughter of at least 100 million Europeans. It was the greatest genocide of our people of all time.

So where is Tan going with this? He mentioned a few philosophers nobody has heard of, who offered up weak critiques of the Enlightenment. He waffled about the rise of the individual and some kind of change from honour to dignity. Naturally, he would never dream of mentioning the schemes of the Freemasons in undermining Christianity and replacing the Divine Rule of Kings with rule by man.

Even then, this critique was dangerous enough for Tan to admit:

There are parts of Trueman’s arguments that I’m uncomfortable with. But he and other thinkers like him, challenge us to take stock of where we have come.

In a West too often preoccupied with cancel culture or Twitter pile ons, orders to stay in our lanes and shouting matches rather than civil discussion, we have to ask where does this leave us?

And this matters right now. We live at a time when democracy is being eroded. It is in retreat. Populist demagogues exploit fear and anxiety. Deep inequalities, legacies and lived realities of sexism, misogyny and racism diminish the West’s moral standing.

It could be tempting just to let rip here at Tan’s hypocrisy. As stated at the beginning of this piece, he has made a very lucrative career out of identity politics. However, what I find really interesting is how scared he sounds. I have to give him credit, Stan Grant is merely very stupid, not utterly stupid. Here’s why:

The United States — the self-declared beacon of democracy, the shining city on the hill — has descended into often violent rancorous tribal warfare. It is a deeply divided, almost ungovernable society where mobs trashed the Capitol Building — the seat of democracy itself.

This at a time when China poses a direct challenge to a Western liberal democratic order. China under Xi Jinping certainly gives no sign of self-doubt. Xi unapologetically and brutally imposes his order on society, and he believes history is on his side.

As he says, the West is waning and China is rising.

Now Xi is all but ensconced as president for life. The Communist Party has declared Xi’s world view as the “essence of Chinese culture”.

That’s what the world faces now: a confident rising China and a West that seems unsure of what it even is, let alone whether it is worth fighting for.

That caller to the ABC was right. Surely while we criticise — legitimately — our society, we can also give thanks. And this week I have remembered and given thanks for my great uncle and my grandfather; Aboriginal men who would have had reason not to fight for Australia, but believed it was their duty anyway.

Men of dignity, yes, but who believed that honour mattered more.

Stan Grant is intelligent enough to recognise that he and his ilk have won. They have destroyed Australia, America, Western Europe and everything the West stood for. But they messed up. Consolidating the victory of Liberalism in the West depended on the worldwide victory of Liberalism, the so-called “end of history”, but multiple civilisations have rejected Liberalism and are now eyeing the limp West, waiting for the best moment to strike.

Tan gets tribalism, he’s been doing it all his life. He knows that even if a portion of Australia’s 2 million Chinese do not particularly want the CCP to extend its influence over Australia, they will not oppose it for fear of appearing unpatriotic.


To China.

If push comes to shove, Indians will likewise demonstrate their true allegiance, and we all know who muslims truly serve. Tan realises that the only thing standing between his unsustainable, temporary illusion that is Australia’s Liberal Democracy and rule by an authoritarian government which focuses on hierarchy, discipline and family values rather than buttsex and feelings, is White guys who think we still have a country.

Hence his pitch – “hey my grandad fought for Australia even though you were racist back then, so you should fight for Australia now that we’re geocoding you.”

Is Tan suggesting that if Anglo Saxon Australians die to defend Taiwan or Australia from Communist China that our Regime will allow Real Australians representation in Australia’s political system for the first time since 1945? Hell maybe there could even be a plebiscite on immigration?

Not bloody likely.

That’s all Tan’s got. As I said, he is not as dumb as he looks, but this is some of the weakest emotional blackmail I have seen. It makes me happy. He’s scared, because he knows Aussies are not going to fight for the hell which Australia has become, and he knows he has played his part in both.

He’s stuffed.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.