Retraining the Civil Service to be “Anti-Racist”


From Patriotic Alternative.

Employees of the Civil Service have been sent woke reading lists including works by prominent figures in the Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement, to foster an “anti-racist” environment.

A far cry from the likes of Sir Humphrey Appleby, today’s civil servants, who remain in place regardless of which political party holds power, have been advised to read CRT titles by Marxist American activists such as White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and How to Be an Anti Racist by Ibram X. Kendi.

The list, which was compiled by the Civil Service Race Forum, was leaked by a whistleblower in the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which is responsible for Britain’s notoriously unreliable immigration estimates, to the Mail on Sunday.

Guidance issued alongside the suggested books stated:

“This list of resources is intended to help white people gain a deeper understanding of racism and the anti-racist work that needs to be done. To be anti-racist is to be actively opposed to racism. It means confronting our white privilege and admitting our place in a system of oppression.”

“We are all (un)learning at our own pace. But when the consequences of our ignorance are bound up in the continued discrimination, violence, and murders of Black people, we must work harder.”

The reading list also includes works by leftist British academics, including Paul Gilroy’s There Ain’t No Black In The Union Jack and Hostile Environment: How Immigrants Became Scapegoats by Dr Maya Goodfellow.

The memo features more than 60 books and articles with titles including Building A Police-Free Future: Frequently Asked Questions; the US title In Defense Of Looting; and Are Prisons Obsolete?

Other suggested literature exploring race issues includes How To Be An Antiracist; Black Skin White Masks; and It’s Time To Confront The ‘Karen’ In All Of Us: Unpacking White Privilege.

Recommended reading for British civil servants.

An ONS spokesman claimed that the reading list did not represent “official guidance” from the government but added that “as an inclusive employer, we encourage the sharing of ideas and respectful open discussion but will take action should concerns be raised.”

Commenting on the spread of woke ideology throughout the civil service, the general secretary of the Free Speech Union, Toby Young, said:

“The Government has been quite good at curbing some of the most egregious woke gobbledegook in Whitehall, but in these quangos and arms-length bodies it’s completely out of control.”

“If you push back in any way against the cult of equity, diversity and inclusion, you can expect to be disciplined or fired – and joking about it is the gravest sin of all in the eyes of the humourless enforcers of woke dogma.”