Perth Protest Against Vaccine Mandate Was 100,000 Strong


In May of this year I was arrested for not wearing a mask during a protest in Perth that was held at Forrest Place in Perth. We were on the march part of the protest, and I was at the corner of William St and Murray St 5 minutes walk away from the protest location. There were only around 1-2,000 people at that protest and Forrest Place itself had plenty of space for people to still walk past our motley Crüe of mask and lockdown defiers.

On Saturday, Forrest Place was packed liked sardines.

The protest crowd extended all the way to the place where I had previously been arrested. When the march finally started, it took 10 minutes for me to get to the place where I was arrested, due to the mass of people in front of me. My family and I paused at the spot and made some homemade videos for another 10 minutes as people walked by. Then we walked 300 meters away from the protest up an empty Murray street (which is normally packed on a Saturday, especially this time of year) to get a burrito. The burrito was made, we sat down and ate it and after we finished we watched the march still continue to pass by at the street corner for another 10 minutes. Eventually, I borrowed my wife’s phone and walked back to the corner of Murray and William Street and a few minutes after getting there, finally, the end of the protest passed me by, signified by three police officers on horseback bringing up the rear.

I’m trying to gauge the size of the crowd by the Monsters of Rock festival I attended as a teenager at Castle Donnington in the UK between 1984 and 1989. There was 40,000 in 1984 and 110,000 in 1989 (when someone was crushed to death during the Guns and Roses set). It was somewhere between the two, I think.

All in all, I think that between 3% and 6% of Australia’s eligible voters turned up to the protests on Saturday. Which means that between 9% and 18% of Australia’s voters will put Labor, Liberals, Nationals and Greens last on their voting cards at the upcoming election. Because you can always triple the number of people who support a cause from the number of them who are prepared to turn up to a protest about it.

The important thing here is not the election. What is important is the number of “violent extremists” this signifies when the government decides to completely ignore and trample on the large minority.

As we are seeing in Europe, the powers that be think they can completely ignore all of last year’s protests there. Austria and Ireland’s Governments have shown that they couldn’t care less how many people turn up at a protest, as long as more than 50% of voters will keep them in power (real or rigged voters it doesn’t matter). They blithely assume that police and military will follow orders, because that’s what paid Goons have always done.

And so our valiant attempts to peacefully stop the Globalist Agenda are held in contempt and we inch closer and closer to the point where a global civil war becomes inevitable.

Right now, every time I see a politician push or vote for a vaccine mandate, I just think “dead man walking”. Of course the press and politicians will use any assassination attempt for propaganda against peaceful protestors. But they fail to realise that more and more peaceful protestors will sympathise and support the violent ones and eventually become violent themselves, as time goes on.

I suspect that the politicians think themselves immune and that tyranny will succeed. They have Stalin and Mao as glorious examples of resistance being crushed. Paid Goons 2, people zero. But history is more than just 20th century Russia or China. Even if they are right on a macro level, that still doesn’t mean that any individual politician won’t lose their own life before the State crushes the resistance.

Time will tell, who wins and who loses. Who lives and who dies. In the long run God is always victorious against evil. And with that faith I stand firm, regardless of the personal consequences of resistance.

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