China orders citizens to STOCK UP


During The Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison famously reassured hoarders that Aussie farmers grew enough to feed Australia three times over. XYZ News has been saying from the beginning of this pandemic controlled demolition that food shortages would happen sooner or later.

Just like so-called “Covid” itself, China may be the first place the globalists choose to kick off severe food shortages:

China’s government has urged citizens to stock up on daily necessities and for authorities to take steps to ensure adequate food supplies as the country adopts increasingly tight measures to contain its latest Covid outbreak.

A notice posted on the website of the Ministry of Commerce late on Monday urged “families to store a certain amount of daily necessities as needed to meet daily life and emergencies”.

The directive made no mention of a food shortage or of whether the instructions were motivated by fears that Covid measures could disrupt supply chains or leave locked-down citizens in need of food.

But China, which has kept its infection numbers relatively low through a Covid-zero strategy of border closures, targeted lockdowns and long quarantine periods, is increasingly adopting tough measures to contain the latest outbreak, especially ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics beginning on February 4.

China did notoriously lock people in their apartments for weeks last year, so they may simply be planning such extreme measures again. However, it is significant that the Lying Press is acknowledging that 2 years of disruptions to the world’s supply chains, and the impact of shutting down an entire country on its ability to produce and transport food, is going to have an effect sooner or later:

The Commerce Ministry notice also told authorities to take measures to facilitate agricultural production, keep supply chains smooth, ensure that regional food reserves were adequate and maintain stable prices.

Besides Covid concerns, China has been hit hard over the past two years by heavy summer flooding that impacted agricultural output and drove up prices, raising concerns that the problem could worsen as climate change brings increasingly extreme weather.

The government last year launched a national campaign to curb food waste. Average wholesale prices of 28 kinds of vegetables in October were up 16 per cent from the previous month, state media reported on Monday, citing government numbers.

The globe is suffering from a completely unnecessary energy crisis, with fuel prices spiking due to the lockdowns and insane environmental policies in the West. This likely food supply crisis is similarly engineered, but the scapegoat – “climate change” – is already prepared.

Judging by the signals the globalists are putting out, we should prepare for climate change lockdowns to complement Covid lockdowns over the next few years. It’s why I haven’t eaten my 2020 supplies. Might need more bog roll though.

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