DIFFICULT TO WATCH: The moment a Melbourne woman cries out for help from Avi Yemini


This video literally sums up modern Australia.

Nobody is coming to save us.

Today a woman suspected of planning to protest against Covid Tyranny in Princess Park, a few clicks north of Melbourne’s CBD was arrested by Victoria Police. Naturally, she was sprawled on the ground and sat on by several officers.

Seeing Avi Yemini, an Israeli journalist who regularly covers Freedom rallies, she cried out to him for help.

But nobody came to her rescue.

Instead, journalists scrambled for the best positions from which to film the political arrest, no doubt with plans to tell their audience that protesters were out to cause trouble.

Victoria Police threw massive resources into ensuring the World Wide Rally For Freedom could not kick off in Melbourne today:

Protesters and police played a game of cat and mouse. You can see in the thread on the Vic Freedom Rally Telegram page, a protest point would be decided; then news would come in of police massing at that point so attendees were told to stay tuned for another location; another location would be announced, only for police to mass there and a new location chosen. This appears to have gone on for most of the afternoon across Melbourne’s CBD and Carlton.

Basically, protest organisers have found a good way to mobilise rally attendees, but police simply read the messages and mobilise faster. Protesters are mastering the art of blending in with the public to move about the city undetected. If they can develop a secret method of organisation then they will be able to mass serious numbers and challenge Victoria Police’s domination.

Think about it though. What is going on in Melbourne is insane. The fact that they have to resort to such guerrilla warfare methods is ludicrous, especially considering that as many as a hundred thousand Australians protested against Covid Tyranny nationwide today.

Adelaide hosted a massive march:

While Brisbane partied:

Seriously, Brisbane went off.

Perth was truly epic.

These crowds are unprecedented. For decades, unionists and university Marxists have inflicted violent, ugly protests on Australia’s capital cities, pushing causes which undermine the economy, family and our people. They have been astroturfed with public money and favourable media coverage to give the impression of popular support for “progressive” causes.

These Freedom protests are larger in scale and are comprised of ordinary people, not professional agitators. They continue to swell despite zero institutional support and outright venom from the Lying Press.

Most importantly, the sheer scale of the protests destroys the narrative of popular support for the government’s approach to lockdowns, vaccines and vaccine mandates, and it even causes us to question the vaccination rates they proudly trumpet.

On this last note, Melbourne’s police appeared to be getting training on the job. In this video a squad of police are shown how to check the Real Rukshan’s media pass.

Reports suggest that many Victoria Police officers have quit, are on leave or are challenging the mandate, perhaps requiring hasty reinforcements. They even got a bus driver on his first day.

The pettiness is truly astounding. In this video, police check a man’s coffee to make sure he is not a protester trying to blend in with Melbourne hipsters who drink too much coffee which is too expensive and not really as good as everyone boasts it is.

Consider how the cameraman in the first video was making light of the situation, doing star jumps to make sure he had a valid excuse for being outside. Let me repeat that last bit. A valid excuse for being outside. That is why police are arresting people. They literally do not have a valid excuse for being outside.

I know I am repeating myself but this is important. In Australia you literally need a valid excuse for being outside.

Again, think about this. This is crazy. It doesn’t require appeals to constitutions or declarations of human rights to make a case against this. It is stupid. Anybody enforcing this is evil. Anybody going along with it is a coward. It is that black and white.

This is crazy.

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