Daniel Andrews has gone COMPLETELY MAD


In Victoria, if you do not get the vaccine, you literally will not be allowed to buy shoes.

“Well you can go and buy food, you can go and visit people if they’re happy to have you in their home. You can go and do some shopping for the basics, the things that you need, lots of different things you can do.

“It’s actually an easier question answered in terms of what you can’t do. You can’t get into any venue, and it’ll be the vast majority of venues whether it’s a bookshop, a shoe shop, the pub, a cafe, a restaurant, the MCG, the list goes on and on. You will not be able to participate like a fully vaccinated person.”

You will basically be allowed to keep yourself alive and that’s it. He spins this with the phrase “add to the vaccinated economy”:

“In fact, we will add to the vaccinated economy by asking and mandating that all non-essential retail will have to be vaccinated as well, both to go in, and also to work on those settings.”

It’s okay, you can buy food. For now.

Obviously, this is crazy. Dictator Dan has gone beyond merely fulfilling the demands of his masters. The guy is drunk on power and because Victoria is not in open insurrection against these insane laws he feels emboldened to decree whatever he wants.

Anybody with even a scant understanding of history who looks at the Covid Camps being built in every state knows where this is headed.

For us purebloods who are quite happy to be segregated from the mudbloods, both to avoid contamination via shedding and because mudbloods are annoying and whiney, there is something to consider.

We will get on just fine. We can build communities, help each other out, essentially form a parallel pureblood society. However, although no decree has bee explicitly issued, this parallel society will not go unnoticed:

From coronavirus.vic.gov.au:

Workers required to be vaccinated

Select workers (including contractors, volunteers and students on placement) will be required to show evidence of their vaccination to their employer by a certain date in order to continue working outside their home.

The following workers who are leaving home for work:

  • Accommodation workers
  • Agriculture and forestry workers
  • Airport workers
  • Ancillary, support and welfare workers
  • Authorised officers
  • Care workers
  • Community workers
  • Creative arts workers
  • Custodial workers
  • Emergency service workers
  • Entertainment and function workers
  • Funeral workers
  • Higher education workers
  • Justice service centre workers
  • Marriage celebrants
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Meat and seafood processing workers
  • Media and film production workers
  • Mining workers
  • Physical recreation workers
  • Ports and freight workers
  • Professional sports, high-performance sports or racing person
  • Professional services workers
  • Public sector employees
  • Real estate workers
  • Religious workers
  • Repair and maintenance workers
  • Retail workers (including workers at food & drink facilities; licenced premises)
  • Science and technology workers
  • Social and community service workers
  • Transport workers
  • Utilities and urban workers
  • Veterinary and pet/animal care workers
  • Workers in residential aged care facilities
  • Workers at construction sites
  • Workers in healthcare settings
  • Workers at school, childcare and early education services (plus outside school hours care services)

That’s a lot of workers required to be vaccinated. It’s basically everybody. What is the penalty for working without vaccination?

I am an employer. What happens if I allow an unvaccinated worker on site to continue working?

You face a penalty of up to 120 penalty units ($21,808) if you are an individual – or a penalty of up to 600 penalty units ($109,044) if you are a corporation.

So Daniel Andrews has not explicitly decreed that a parallel unvaccinated economy and society is illegal. However, the law as it is set out will make anybody who allows you to lift so much as a finger to help them very cagey indeed. Things will have to be done with a wink and a nod.

Knowing how officious and pigheaded Victoria’s police force and Covid inspectors have become, when you consider that they will be the ones enforcing these massive fines, we can be sure that they will deliberately make our lives as difficult as possible.

A shadow economy and parallel society of the unvaccinated in Victoria is for all intents and purposes against the law.

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