Women seeking to be inferior Men


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Violence in the United States is an ongoing indictment of the implosion in real time of that nation. Yesterday I saw that a young female police officer had been ambushed and slain in the failed city of Chicago. Apparently it is now a thing there for violent criminals to call police for help and then ambush them. But what struck me about this story is that the police officer in question had just returned from maternity leave. Her baby was only two months old.

One of the greatest failures of modernity has been its impact upon women. That this impact has been not only deliberate but that women themselves have been conditioned and brainwashed into believing that it is for their own benefit just makes the situation even more unpalatable.

It is a tragedy that this young woman is dead. But it is a disgrace that she was in the position to be slain to begin with. A young mother should be home with her child, not playacting at being a man by pretending to be a cop. Women have been forced into these masculine roles as yet another way of destabilizing the family unit and thus destabilizing society.

I do not know if Ella French chose to be a cop to be a strong independent woman, or to show the men how it is done, or even to look good in the uniform. Whatever her motivation it has led to this. It is ironic that as a society becomes more feminized and matriarchal that it becomes more dangerous to women. The term patriarchy is almost a swear word at this point, but I have no doubt that Ella French could have done with some real patriarchy at some point in her life over the last few years.

Unfortunately French will not be alone. Militaries around the world have embraced the mass inclusion of women in front line units, perhaps none more so than the various navies. As a student of military history I am all too aware of the carnage that occurs on a warship when it is in battle, and just how brutal the short reality can be for any unfortunate survivors drifting in the middle of a hostile ocean. The Bismarck was described as a charnel house before the ocean finally closed over it, as but one horrific example.

To this end those in charge want to make half of the crews female. The awfulness of so many women packed into a dying ship notwithstanding, they will also be largely useless when things really get hot. Perhaps some of you will have heard of the young ordinary seaman in the Australian navy, Teddy Sheean. As his ship was sinking after being hit by Japanese bombers, the 18 year old Sheean who was already wounded by two bullets, strapped himself to an anti-aircraft gun to protect his crewmates from enemy strafing. He destroyed one enemy bomber and was still firing his gun as the ship sank beneath the waves.

Last year he was finally awarded the Victoria Cross, the nation’s highest award for gallantry.

That’s what men have to do when things get hot. They have to sacrifice themselves, to lay down their life for their comrades. To expect women to do that is an absurdity, which is why nobody involved with pushing women into these front line roles has seriously considered the implications. Women in that situation are at best dead weight. In reality, the cohesion of the ship or the unit will already have been destroyed long before the shooting begins due to the very presence of women and the effect that they have on men in such an environment.

This is known as failure all around. But ultimately it is men who are to blame for this situation because it is men who have let women get out of control. The only people who can fix this are men. We can’t wait for women to do it because not only is that cowardly and an abject abdication of our responsibilities, (the failure that got us all into this mess to begin with), but women are incapable of doing such a thing. The bolted horse cannot put the saddle on itself. And women’s spirited nature is that of a wild animal that needs to be given direction by men.

Modernity encourages and pushes women into the worship of themselves, when in reality a woman’s role in life is to serve others, either her husband or her children. Men’s role in life is to serve a higher power, God, through our actions and principles on this earth. The two halves are complimentary in this fashion. The woman supports the man and is inspired by his dedication to his ideals and to what he can then create.

Being a police officer is a path of action. It is a role for a man. The inversion of these roles doesn’t just make men and women unhappy and dissatisfied; it invariably leads to dangerous situations and failure. Women trying to fulfill male roles is a failure on the part of men. Either we haven’t filled the role ourselves or we have not shown the leadership to put in their place those seeking to upset the natural order of things. This failure in direction from men can only be corrected by men. Until men retake their traditional leadership role then we will only see more tragic examples of the consequences of this abdication on our parts.

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