Christopher Pyne the Covid C*@t


Christopher Pyne is a former Manchurian Candidate of the Liberal Party who supported the biggest Communist infiltrator of them all, Malcolm Turnbull in his bid to screw over Australia even more than all the other traitors in Parliament. He looks like a homosexual, talks like a homosexual and acts like a homosexual.

It is no surprise, then, that he has written an article explaining how he has been rendered positively moist by his recent penetration by a syringe full of gooey CoVid mRNA spike protein instructions, aborted foetal cells and some monkey virus fragments, amongst other wholesome semen like stuff.

On Friday, I get my second AstraZeneca vaccine jab.

I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had two blood clots in my life, in my leg and in my lung. I asked my GP for his advice and he gave me the green light.

On Friday, I will be as protected as I can be from what we know right now about this accursed virus.

There are a lot of people in my situation. I’ve no doubt that August and September will see a big leap in the percentage of vaccinated Aus­tralians, because the clinics were chockers in May and June for the first jab and the second is happening about now.

I didn’t wait. What’s the point? I believe in taking advantage of every medical capability we have and both improving and prolonging my life. I don’t sit on the internet reading ill-informed dirge and then assume I have better knowledge than the experts.

Can you imagine if social media had been around when penicillin was invented by a team including Nobel prize-winner Howard Florey from Adelaide? Countless people would have died unnecessarily from ignorance.

Ignorance is the most preventable disease of all but seems the hardest to eradicate.

Christopher Pyne is also the first MP to be recorded on the Parliament floor calling another MP a “cunt”. Well it takes one to know one, as the saying goes.

Pyne has joined the growing list of totalitarian c*@ts that aren’t just happy for themselves to be raped with an experimental injection, but are calling for everyone else to be violated as well.

What are we to do with the anti-vaxxers come November/December?

By then, 70-80 per cent of the population will be vaccinated. I’m sure there will be plenty who are then having booster shots for new strains that are developing seemingly all the time. Yet there will be a group, which if it is 20-30 per cent will number millions, who will not be vaccinated.

This puts us all on the horns of a dilemma.

It’s almost as if Sodom and Gomorrah has been modernised to fit the 21st century. Bring out your angels so that we may “know” them with our needles.

Pyne’s Queer reasoning is:

“Why should anti-vaxxers put me at risk of contracting Covid and having possibly no ill effects, or a lifetime of lung disease and impairment, or even dying? Because while the vaccine is as good as it can be, there is a one in 10 possibility that it will not stop me ­contracting Covid from someone else who has it.”

The answer to your question oh Satanic one is:

  1. If the vaccine works, why must someone else have it to protect you?
  2. If the vaccine doesn’t work how is someone else having it going to protect you?
  3. Why should anyone want to protect you in the first place you traitorous degenerate c*@t?

The risk figures Pyne cites are simply ones he pulled out of his arse when he was trying to extract his anal beads. His proposals to emulate France in jailing unvaccinated people if they go into a cafe, are simply the regurgitation of the plans for the non compliant decided upon for the world at least a decade ago:

Just last week, the city of New York announced that restaurants, cafes, bars and other places would be free to deny entry to anyone who could not prove they had been vaccinated. Australian company SPC announced that it would require its workforce to be vaccinated or, I assume, they aren’t welcome at work.

The French parliament approved a Bill in July that requires a health pass for access to restaurants, bars, trains and planes from the beginning of ­August. The Italian government ­announced in July that it would require proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid test before its citizens would be allowed to take part in indoor dining, visiting museums and galleries or attending shows.

Here in Australia, the national cabinet received advice last Friday from the solicitor-general that as long as employers acted “reasonably”, they could take precautions that they deemed necessary to protect their workers, their businesses and their customers from the unvaccinated.

People such as Pyne are truly sickening individuals.

Tolerance for those who refuse vaccination will dry up pretty quickly if by December and into 2022, we ­experience lockdowns, restricted interstate and overseas travel, our economy continues to be hit by the pandemic.

A perverted man pushing perverted ideas onto a largely perverted society. None may refuse to partake in the perversion, lest the righteous remind the perverted of just how disgusting they truly are by showing them how they could have been had they not damned themselves so completely already. “If we’re going to Hell we will take you with us”. That is the mindset of people like Christopher Pyne. Truly a c*@t amongst c*@nts.