A Ryan Rant – Episode 151 – Pull Out Of Afghanistan, Pry Into White Encrypted Chats


The current media focus on Afghanistan being reclaimed by the Taliban has served to herd MSN lemmings into a milieu mock-up of threat, security, enemy, emergency action, force and violence. Never mind that getting out of Afghanistan has probably been the best news we’ve heard for months, fact still remains that the overarching shadow fermenting this global subversion and chaos is kosher.

The verminous Zio faggot tranny tyranny proclaiming for itself the right to ethnically organise off the backs of White gentiles, reveals the overt intent of its agenda to subversively peddle parasitic sleaze, disease and death.

Hardworking frontline nurses who’ve served through COVID lockdown conditions only to have Jewish supremacists take away their income, are aware that these hooked nosed nepotistic demons are the REAL virus.

This pernicious pintele yid pathogen has taught us one thing in its functionality, which is that racism is the winning command in order to survive. Hence why these inbred, schitzophrenic, tay sachs carriers are hell bent on cracking down on White organising via encrypted messengers and IRL action.

The only way forward is to be able to consistently name them, until they and their degenerate wares are forced to retreat from our shores.

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