Food For Thought – Talmudic Tyranny And Twitter Trickery

Round and round they go, don’t let the goyim know. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The other day the ADL came out promoting their ad boycott of Twitter after Elon Musk reinstated Ye the vampire slayer back onto the platform.

Whilst it is likely that banned conservatives, conspiracists and populists like Alex Jones will likely be reinstated onto Twitter to promulgate DR3 tier memes and philo-semitic deflection and apologetics, the mainstay of antisemitic accounts will have to wait and see whether we qualify for speech rights.

With Twitter confirming a fee based verification, which Musk is making seem like a Faustian bargain, some people rightly query if this recalibration of Twitter is merely more 4D chess to keep the moonbats and wingnuts kvetching about nothingburgers on the controlled opposition reservation.

When the MSNBC-watching Kosher Left are kissing the proverbial ass of the FBI, CIA, DHS, CDC and Big Pharma, and the Zio MAGA Right railing against said institutions, the common ground shared by these two sides of the Finkel-think shekel is purging treif terrorism.

Thus it is plausible that the ADL crack down on Musk’s media acquisition of Twitter is a dog and pony show designed to domesticate the ascension of antisemitism around the world at present.

Food For Thought.

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