A Ryan Rant – Episode 143 – Jewish Negritude Will Bolster White Power And White Solidarity


Not so long ago pro-White franchising was a prevalent feature of occidental greatness. But increasingly we have been witnessing transnational the Jewish pedo trans faggot negro oligarchy put its kosher high-heels in the back of this tried and true tradition.

Given the two pronged attack of kosher certified negritude induced civilisational collapse, that as Auschwitz lego fun-time is outlawed, and burning down Christian churches is normalised, it should come as little surprise as to what hooked nosed crook is behind this.

Through rainbow transnational corporate sponsorship, and butt-plugging black bloc gayops, the Overton Window is aimed to be kept far away from the Burger King crown donning edgelord giving the low down on the Talmudic showdown of Noahide narcotization.

But as this explicitly Jewish negro system can’t hold back its seething hatred of us, it should be noted that our collective strategy of caring about White people and culture will ultimately pay off, and history will be overthrown by those who see clown-world for what it truly is.

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