Satan is the father of lies


Satan is the father of lies. Jesus is the son of God and God made flesh who told only truth.

Today we have followers of Satan and dupes of Satan for whom lies are the purpose of their existence. To lie and to manipulate other people into speaking lies and living lies themselves.

This is why presenting facts on any specific subject has no effect. Why “debates” are worthless. It’s not that they don’t care about the truth. It’s worse than that. It’s deeper than that. They know they lie. They want to lie. For the father of lies to succeed, then the lies themselves must succeed. This is what Orwell understood in his book ‘1984’. True power, true control. True oppression and true Satanism is to tell lies that everyone knows are lies and still have the entire world proclaim them as truth.

Only faith gives courage and without courage there is no speaking of truth. It always comes back to God in the end. Only with faith in everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord are we strong enough to face the all the potential consequences of always speaking truth. Those who say otherwise are simply full of false bravado because they haven’t been fully tested.